Nico & Ella – Totally Preggers

Not long after their wedding one day while Ella was at work, Nico finished his best romance novel yet, and is now making enough royalties to be considered a professional author, which accomplishes his lifelong goal! Happy from achieving so much writing success, and still quite smitten with his wife, Nico suddenly decides it might […]

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Nico & Ella – A Wedding and A Burglar

The following weekend, Nico & Ella decide to throw a small wedding party to tie the knot. As I said before in a previous post, there are no more wedding arches in Sims 3, but I set up a little rose trellis for a nice backdrop. As the ceremony begins, Nico’s absentmindedness kicks in again […]

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Nico & Ella – The Proposal

The next day while Ella is off to work, Nico sets to work writing a romance novel in his underwear. :3 On a side note, romance novels have the most pages and will give you the most in royalties, however they also take the longest to write. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on […]

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Nico & Ella – Steady as They Go

It’s hard to keep this blog up to date with my gaming. Even though I’ve made a few posts today, my play time with Nico & Ella has progressed even further. Anyway, today Ella has the day off because she was promoted the previous day, so now she only works four days a week. However […]

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Nico & Ella – Another Busy Weekend

I’ve decided I will start my post titles now with Nico & Ella, since it’s obvious that it’s Sims 3 by now, and it’s also tagged Sims 3. Anyway we start off this new weekend with Ella heading to the library to get some writing done, since Nico has already commandeered the only computer in […]

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Sims 3 – Goodbye Attic Room

The next morning Ella leaves well before Nico wakes, so Nico has a quiet breakfast alone before continuing to work on his dramatic novel until he has to work. Ella isn’t home before he has to leave this time, so he spends his day alone in the house. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend […]

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Sims 3 – The Clumsiness Disease

The next day Ella rushes out the door again for work, this time without breakfast and after clogging the only toilet in the house yet again. Nico again unclogs it, and then takes it upon himself to clean it too. Afterwards he spends the rest of the day working on his dramatic novel called “On […]

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Sims 3 – Weekend Accomplishments

When the weekend comes, Nico and Ella decide to pursue some of their artistic wants. Nico learns how to play the guitar and Ella practices her painting. For some odd reason Nico decides he’ll play his guitar in Ella’s room. Perhaps it was the view from the window that inspired him to play there, or […]

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Sims 3 – Ella’s Bad Day

The day after Nico moves in, everything starts bad for Ella. She sleeps in too late and only has time to shovel in half of her breakfast while her carpool is waiting outside honking his horn. On top of this, her clumsiness trait kicks in and she managed to clog the toilet. Not long after […]

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Sims 3 – Nico & Ella

I decided to make some new Sims because I had grown a little bit bored with my first ones. I thought I would have them in the same town with Saya and Seamus, but I guess there is a glitch in that if you choose to deactivate story progression, it really doesn’t, and it was […]

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