Five Upcoming 3DS Titles Worth Watching

I realize I haven’t been blogging about any games in quite a while, which is mostly due to the fact that I no longer have the free time I once had, and also partly due to the fact that my interest in the game market had waned a little. However I recently decided to purchase […]

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Rune Factory Oceans

To be honest, after trying out the first Rune Factory game, I didn’t really give much of a hoot for the series, mainly because you couldn’t play as a girl and woo bachelors. After finally being able to play as a girl in Harvest Moon, I just haven’t been able to go back to playing […]

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Registering for Minna de Bokujou Monogatari

I thought I would make a little translated tutorial of sorts to help those who would like to try out the Japanese online Harvest Moon game. This is just to help you get through the registration process so you can start playing. I haven’t included any translations on the quests, but hopefully you can bumble […]

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Minna de Bokujou Monogatari – An Online Harvest Moon

I just recently discovered that there was a free, online version of Harvest Moon available to play at the Marvelous Entertainment’s Bokumono site. The site and game are of course in Japanese and you will need to register through Moog in order to play, but it is quite easy to do so if you know […]

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Harvest Moon Animal Parade – After Marriage, having kids, and etc..

Right after I married the Wizard in Animal Parade, I ended up putting down the game for a while, partly because I had other things that needed to get done and also partly because the game had become a little tedious. Recently however I decided to pick it up again, and I’m glad I did, […]

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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar – Impressions and Insights

I had pre-ordered Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar and got it on the day it came out, but I didn’t play it for a week or two until I “finished-up” with Tokimemo GS 3rd Story which I will save for another posting. Anyhow I’ve been fairly addicted to this latest Harvest Moon since picking it up, […]

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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar – Preorder

There are still a couple days left to pre-order Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar if you haven’t already. I went out and pre-ordered mine this afternoon at my local Gamestop and much to my surprise, I was given one of the bonus horse plushies that they are giving out to those who pre-order. I didn’t think […]

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Animal Parade: Proposal Event, Wedding Ceremony and Thereafter with the Wizard

You’ll have to suffer through my very low-tech screenshots once again, but I always like to make posts with pictures, lol. Anyhow the very next day after the Firefly Festival, it was sunny so I went ahead and presented the Wizard with the blue feather, and here is what followed: As you present the blue […]

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Animal Parade: The Firefly Festival with the Wizard

I decided to wait to propose to the wizard, so I went through the Firefly festival with him still unmarried. There are parts of the Firefly Festival that go off on cues, so I wasn’t able to write down everything verbatim, so all I will have is a summary about the event. When you arrive […]

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Animal Parade: The Flower Festival with the Wizard.

So I finally made it to the Flower Festival. The days go so much slower in Animal Parade that it takes me longer to get through the days. Anyway as usual you need to approach the wizard the day before to “ask” him to go to the flower festival, but it’s funny how asking gets […]

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