Hoshizora no Comic Garden – Keigo’s True Ending

As with Ryou’s ending, I am putting all of this entry behind a cut so that nobody accidentally spoils anything for themselves. Unlike Ryou’s ending however, I took the time to write down things and look up kanji I didn’t know, so Keigo’s ending will have more substance. I also liked Keigo’s ending the best, […]

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden – Ryou’s True Ending

I am going to put everything of this behind a cut so that people don’t accidentally spoil anything for themselves. I’ll also be including 1 of the 3 ending CGs you get while going down this route, and it is going to be the one I see the most of on the internet anyway. I […]

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Comic Garden Chapter 6 – Ryou (Part 4)

OK, I am really going to try to finish the chapter summary this time, let’s see if I can. So we left off with you leaving Ryou’s room and thus ending map mode. In the next scene you are at Kanzaki’s office and he is reading over your latest try at coming up with a […]

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Comic Garden Chapter 6 – Ryou (Part 3)

So we left off with you returning home after being in the office with Kanzaki. Ren greets you at the door and noticing your troubled face, wants you to come in and have some tea. You explain to her that as your story isn’t good enough just yet, and that you take too much time […]

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Comic Garden Chapter 6 – Ryou (Part 2)

Ok so we left off with going to map mode. Because I was anxious to get through this chapter I only visited with Keigo and Ryou. Actually though if you are going for either of their endings that’s really all who you need to visit. To be honest, by visiting too many people it makes […]

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Comic Garden Chapter 6 – Ryou (Part 1)

I need to hurry up and get this summary done for chapter 6 as I have already done a couple of endings and I am more excited about blogging about them than I am this chapter, however it is quite dramatic! Anyway this is the last chapter before your ending chapter, and your choice near […]

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden Chapter 5 part 2 – Kanzaki

So let’s see after the first map mode of the chapter, you are back at the house and Ren inquires if you have any new ideas for your manga. Ryou is also interested and you tell them that you want to draw the house you are staying in because of the great rooms and the […]

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Poupee Girl Amusement Park Event!

I know Poupee Girl has events all the time and themed clothing to go with it, but I absolutely love the nighttime background for this event! The clothing selection for the event probably leaves a little bit to be desired, but it’s only just started so hopefully be more clothing, like how they added onto […]

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden: Chapter 5 – Kanzaki (Part 1)

I bet you thought I’d never get back to this! Well I decided to pick up the game again because my Japanese language burnout subsided, well that and I graduated and it’s January with nothing better to do. I had always intended to come back to it though because I at least want my Todoroki […]

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden – Chapter 4 Part 2: Comiket

I just got Avalon Code today, and I’m right in the middle of Comic Garden chapter 5, so it has been difficult to discipline myself to blog my summary for part 2 of chapter 4! None the less though, here it is. You start Comiket by meeting with Ren, Ryou and Hibiki. The party is […]

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