Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 4 – Day 1

So, we start this chapter with you sitting in class listening to your teacher lecture. You are despondent and lost in your own thoughts however, and rather than furiously taking notes like your classmates, you are finding it hard to find the energy to move your pencil. You start thinking to yourself about how the […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 3 – Day 3

This day seems to go on longer than the others, but maybe that’s because it contains the dramatic conclusion to chapter 3. Anyway this is a tough day, and by the end of chapter 3 you will be feeling demoralized. Sound threatening? >:D Anyway on with the day….. As usual you are spending your lunch […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 3 – Day 2

So far it appears from the poll that the majority of you are cool with the summaries, but you are split 50/50 between wanting summaries or commentary. Anyway with that said, I’ll continue to do the summaries, but I’ll also try to add in more commentary so maybe they aren’t so bland, lol. I also […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 3 Day 1

Before the next day there is a little evening side scene. It happens directly after the events of the last chapter where everyone got their butts kicked. So now the scene fades to a street in the shopping district of the town. It’s late enough at night that it’s pretty desolate and there isn’t any […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Chapter 2 Day 3

So I realized that it really takes me several hours to make it through one day when I look up all the kanji and write out my translations….that’s pretty sad! D,:> Oh well, at least I’m still having fun, though I’d like to be able to advance the story quicker. I’m sure if it were […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – Another Day with too much Kanji

Heh, seriously the kanji is starting to get to me, because having to look up everything I don’t recognize is becoming rather tedious. However the desire to finish the story outweighs my discomfort at this point, and when I do look up the kanji I am able to understand everything tolerably well. Also I guess […]

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Hiiro no Kakera – Meeting Shinji

I wish I didn’t have so much coursework to do right now otherwise I would have more time to play this game. As it is I really haven’t progressed very far since the kanji is difficult and I can only make time to play about a day at a time. After tomorrow’s art history test […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – Choice 2 and etc…

I’ve had a little more time to play both of my games, and I’ve advanced enough in my second game to come to the part where you’re given another choice. This would be the second choice overall and I believe it happens on the third day in the first chapter. Before that however there is […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – Your 1st Choice and Other Random Blabber

Hiiro no Kakera is becoming an obsession for me lately, and it’s beginning to be really difficult to discipline myself to do my coursework and study for my tests rather than play! This morning though since I woke up early for no apparent reason I decided to continue my second game so I could fangirl […]

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Hiiro no Kakera DS – Screenies and Random Blabber

I decided to play a second game of Hiiro no Kakera concurrently with a ROM on my computer so I can get some decent screenshots, as I like to have pictures mixed in with my text, and taking pics of your DS with the camera is kind of a pain in the butt. XP I […]

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