More Facebook Games – Castle & Co, My Empire and etc…

Seems like I haven’t had much time to blog about games lately since I’ve been so focused on my comic work, but recently I got a little more into some Facebook games, one of which is called Castle & Co. by Ubisoft. Like a lot of other games on Facebook, it is a town builder, […]

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Pet Society – Love Tree

I logged into Pet Society to check on my Love Tree and it had reached full size! I’m excited that it’s a cherry tree! It looks so pretty I’m considering buying another seed and keeping it back for later. My tree still hasn’t born fruits yet, but with a tree so pretty I’m not to […]

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Petling Round-Up

So I spent some time during lunch running around to all of the houses in my village to check and see who were proud pet owners and I only came up with 8 people with petlings out of the I don’t know how many villagers I have. Anyway the pic above is just a little […]

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Pet Society – Petlings and Other Things

Last night I decided to log into Pet Society so I could plant a bleeding heart flower as after seeing them grown in other people’s gardens I decided I liked it enough to have one for myself. On a whim I also decided to check and see if any of my neighbors had Petlings. I […]

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Pet Society Valentine Shop Update

I decided to log into Pet Society today to see what was new, and was surprised to find Valentine goods already popping up, but more than that I was surprised by these new “Petlings” you can purchase. Reading the description, it’s basically a pet for your pet, yet another thing to take care of and […]

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Pet Society Survey at Playfish

I decided to check out the Playfish forums to see if anything else had happened with the issue of the pet’s status bars being so easily depleted. It looks like the voice of the people has died down over it in the forums unfortunately. However on the bright side, Playfish does have a Pet Society […]

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Playfish’s Big Fumble with Pet Society.

A few days ago Playfish updated Pet Society saying it was making it better by giving you more coins for caring for your pet, more fruit on your trees to sell, and more coins for the cooked items when you sold them. It sounds all well and good right? Initially I was pleased to find […]

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It’s Official…

Playfish announced that they are now part of the EA games family….for better or worse. I guess we’ll have to see what comes of this in the days to come. You can check out Playfish’s press release on the topic here: I can say though already that Playfish is already advertising for the Sims […]

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Is EA Thinking of Buying Playfish?

According to recent internet rumors/news articles, EA may be looking into buying Playfish and Zynga the two social gaming giants on Facebook. Personally this idea makes me cringe. As much as I like the Sims franchise, I am fully aware of EA’s “squeeze every last nickel out of the player” attitude and their steady stream […]

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Been a While…

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post. Since the start of school and my secondary student teaching I have just been too busy. However, I only have 5 days left until I am done and can graduate, so I am looking forward to being able to be lazy and partake of […]

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