Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar – Preorder

There are still a couple days left to pre-order Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar if you haven’t already. I went out and pre-ordered mine this afternoon at my local Gamestop and much to my surprise, I was given one of the bonus horse plushies that they are giving out to those who pre-order. I didn’t think […]

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Keeping an Eye Out for Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

I’ve been chomping at the bit for the new Harvest Moon these days, so much so that I’ve been pondering starting up a new game of Magical Melody. I just finished my usual check for release dates or to find possible pre-orders, and I noted that whereas it still says the release date is September […]

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Under the Radar – Avalon Code

I haven’t had much time to keep track of new games, or even play any of my current games lately because I’ve been so busy with student teaching. President’s Day is giving me a 3 day weekend though, so I thought I’d use a little free time to see what’s on the market and boy […]

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My Sims: Kingdom

So this one really flew under the radar for me, probably because I was so hepped up over the release of Tree of Tranquility which was/is my end all be all game of 2008. Anyway I was shocked to find out that not only was there going to be another My Sims game, but also […]

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Animal Crossing: City Folk – First Glimpse

So, after being hush-hush for so long about the next incarnation of Animal Crossing, Nintendo has finally started to share some game info. It looks like they are aiming for a November 16th release date, and I hope they can stick to that because I’m sure I will have had my fun with Tree of […]

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Will Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility Ever Get Here?

Yup, as I suspected the release date has been shoved back yet again, this time to September 30th.  Previously it was supposed to be released on the 16th, which would only be in 6 days.  At this point I am really starting to get irritable with Natsume, as it appears all they have been doing […]

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Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility & Island of Happiness

So the Tree of Tranquility release date has been set back now for the umpteenth time. According to Gamstop the game will ship on September 16th. After having so many different incarnations of release dates for the game I’m not inclined to really believe anything regarding it any more. As it is, I’m glad I […]

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Harvest Moon Tree of Peace Release Dates

I was disappointed to find out the other day that the previous July release date for the American version of Harvest Moon Tree of Peace has been changed on wikipedia to “TBA”, so not only has the release date been pushed back from June to July, but now also it appears it will be pushed […]

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