HMToT: Birth Event, Tao Specific *spoilers*

Now I don’t know if the dialogue really changes much or at all for each bachelor as I am still on my first game and have yet to marry anyone else, but I thought I would go ahead and share this event too since I’ve shared all the others. Just beware that it will be […]

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HMToT: Determining the Gender of Your Child – Tao Specific *Spoilers*

Alright, so as everyone probably already knows, in Tree of Tranquility you get to chose the gender of your child, or if you want to be surprised, there is an option for that as well. Of course this is all done through an event that is auto triggered exactly one week after your pregnancy was […]

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Pregnancy event – Tao specific *spoilers*

I’m under the impression that the pregnancy event is really similar dialogue-wise for all of the bachelors, but I imagine there is some specific dialogue for each scenario. Anyway, exactly two seasons to the day after your wedding you will wake up and get the infamous loading screen, lol. Seriously though, the event will load […]

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New Years Festival & Birthday After Marriage – Tao Specific

Ok, so I took a pretty ghetto screenshot of my TV with the camera. I’d like to find out how I can hook my Wii up to my Macbook monitor so I can get some good screenshots, but that is going to require research and a job, lol. The research I can do now, but […]

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Marriage to Tao (Toby) *Spoilers*

I did the little fanart sketch above. I know it’s nothing terribly special, but I just ask that people do not steal it and use it for other things. If you happen to like the art, you can visit my website at to see more of my illustrations and comic work. So I proposed […]

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Chasing Tao Part 2 *spoilers*

It’s been a while since I talked about Tao (Toby), but it’s not because I haven’t still been pursuing him! To be honest Tao has become my favorite bachelor of the game, and the funny thing is that originally when I first started playing I didn’t really have any intentions of seriously pursuing him. Though […]

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Chasing Tao er… Toby *spoilers*

I just can’t seem to call him Toby since I’m so familiar with his original Japanese name. ^^; Anyway so far I’ve been chasing after Tao mainly and Luke a little bit. I have Tao up to three hearts and thought I’d share some of my Tao info…As of yet I still haven’t found a […]

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HM: ToT – Getting Started

So, I was able to get my hands on a copy of Tree of Tranquility today, and despite being sick, I am quite happy because I’ve been in bed most of the day playing. As things are, the game starts out a little slow, which is fine, because there are some controls to learn and […]

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