HMToT: Birth Event, Tao Specific *spoilers*

Now I don’t know if the dialogue really changes much or at all for each bachelor as I am still on my first game and have yet to marry anyone else, but I thought I would go ahead and share this event too since I’ve shared all the others. Just beware that it will be […]

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ToT: Seedlings of Hope

I mentioned the seedlings of hope earlier along with information about creating the last rainbow, when I was still searching for the right seedling. As it is I now have found the right seedling and it is growing in the goddess spring where it should be. This quest or task is really insanely easy and […]

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HMToT: Creating the last Rainbow & the Seedlings

So I finally got around to creating the last rainbow. I would have done it sooner if I hadn’t have turned that lapis lazuli stone I found in a present on the beach into a ring, or sold all my perfect honeydews the last summer. Dragging out aspects of the game doesn’t bother me too […]

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HMToT: Determining the Gender of Your Child – Tao Specific *Spoilers*

Alright, so as everyone probably already knows, in Tree of Tranquility you get to chose the gender of your child, or if you want to be surprised, there is an option for that as well. Of course this is all done through an event that is auto triggered exactly one week after your pregnancy was […]

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Pregnancy event – Tao specific *spoilers*

I’m under the impression that the pregnancy event is really similar dialogue-wise for all of the bachelors, but I imagine there is some specific dialogue for each scenario. Anyway, exactly two seasons to the day after your wedding you will wake up and get the infamous loading screen, lol. Seriously though, the event will load […]

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HMToT: A note on box lunches

So anyone who is already married in the game knows you get a box lunch from your spouse practically every morning. The only mornings you wouldn’t get one is when an animal is born, or there is an event that takes you away from the house in the morning. Anyway I had been suspicious that […]

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New Years Festival & Birthday After Marriage – Tao Specific

Ok, so I took a pretty ghetto screenshot of my TV with the camera. I’d like to find out how I can hook my Wii up to my Macbook monitor so I can get some good screenshots, but that is going to require research and a job, lol. The research I can do now, but […]

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Marriage to Tao (Toby) *Spoilers*

I did the little fanart sketch above. I know it’s nothing terribly special, but I just ask that people do not steal it and use it for other things. If you happen to like the art, you can visit my website at to see more of my illustrations and comic work. So I proposed […]

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HMToT: Befriending Bears and Catching Woodfish

So if you are headed up Mount Gelato after finally getting Ben’s badge, you have probably noticed there are wild bears up in them thar hills. XD You have to befriend this mother bear of course in order to go past her and up the mountain to the Goddess Spring where the all important woodfish […]

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Chasing Chihaya Part 2 *Spoilers*

So I finally got around to finishing Chihaya’s (Chase’s) 5th heart request event, and I must say that it had to be the biggest pain in the butt compared to Luke’s and Tao’s. Before I get on with the request end of the event though, I should mention the gifting part first. As usual, Chihaya […]

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