I started Paper Stars because I wanted to create a site where I could share my love of dolls, toys and crafting.  The reason I include crafting into the mix is because, aside from making stuffed animals, I also like to create clothing, furniture, houses, accessories and etc.. for my dolls as well, so thusly this is where my two hobbies combine. 😉

Currently I own 3 MSD girls, 2 SD boys and 1 tiny girl. The three MSD girls are a Dollmore Kid Sona, an Asleep Eidolon Yara on the old body, and my newest arrival is my Unoa Lusis. I find that with the more dolls I collect, I am really beginning to prefer MSD sized dolls and smaller. My two SD boys are a MuDoll Ash, and a Doll in Mind Danbi. Unfortunately because they are so large they probably don’t get as much “air time” XD. Last but not least I have one tiny, and she is a Brownie Haha who has her own dollhouse that I’m revamping.

My 1:6th Scale Dolls
Currently I have one Pullip, one Dal, one Taeyang and one Blythe, who are a Nina, Frara, Sage and Nicky Lad respectively. They all share a 1:6th scale dollhouse that I made myself and am still doing finishing work on to this day. To be honest I really have no intention of collecting any more Pullip series dolls, but Blythe on the other hand is another matter. 😉 I also hope to eventually acquire some 1:6th scale BJDs for “The Big House” as well.

My Dollhouses
I currently have two dollhouses, both is various stages of construction. My 1:6th scale house I like to call “The Big House” and my smaller 1:12th house it my “Grandfather’s House” since he was the one who originally created it for me when I was a little girl. Today I am still in the long process of refurbishing the Grandfather’s House which is home to my tiny Brownie Haha BJD, and I am nearly finished with The Big House aside from miniature collecting.

My Other Toys
I also have a slew of G4 MLP FiM toys lying about as well as a few LPS toys including an LPS Blythe. I love my toys though, so it’s hard telling what may show up on the site here in regards to them. 😉

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