Azone Pureneemo Body Posing with Licca

So, my latest dolly obsession is Licca and the Azone Pureneemo bodies. Thanks to an influx of Xmas money I was able to acquire both! XD Being mostly a BJD collector I have had no experience with pureneemo bodies and I thought I would share some posing information on them for anyone else who is in my shoes and is considering giving them a try. First of all I have to say I was really impressed with the body! I ordered a size small flexion body, in flesh color for my Licca. The Pureneemo small body is a tiny bit taller than the original Licca body and is so adorable I must say. I love the slightly chunky looking calves on the small version of the body and the whole sculpt just has a very cute aesthetic. The Pureneemo bodies also just feel very sturdy and substantial in the hand and the flesh tone matches my Licca perfectly and also appears to match my Jenny doll as well. So, let’s get down to posing!

The pureneemo bodies have a really nice range of motion in the arms! I would consider their range of motion to be somewhat similar to BJDs but their jointing structure is different. The only areas that don’t compare are the elbows and the wrist movement with the default hands. To be fair the elbows probably function about as well as a single jointed BJD. The hands can only turn side to side, not forward or back so she is unable to touch her face or chest and things like BJDs can. This being said, there is a set of flexion hands that include a ball joint for the wrist and enhance movement. The hand sets for the pureneemos are all just so cute too and if you don’t like the aesthetic of a ball in the wrist there are other sets that keep the smooth line of the wrist and offer different poses. I am hoping to acquire a set soon to try them out!

The pureneemo bodies do have one torso joint but it is a side to side swivel only, there is no forward or backward motion, so she can never slouch lol. This being said I do feel the torso has a nice aesthetic and not having the additional motion does not bother me. So next up is the jointing of the legs. Pureneemo have a hip socket, a swivel in the thigh, a knee joint and an ankle joint. All I would consider being similar to single joints on BJDS.

They can assume many different sitting positions and overall have a very cute posture! In terms of the feet, the joint is couched inside the ankle, hiding it. When the joint is couched inside the ankle it adds stability for standing. However for more movement you can gently flex the foot farther which slides the joint out a bit an increases the flex of the foot. It’s also easy to pop the joint right back in.

So, overall I’m super smitten with these bodies because the aesthetic and the posing capabilities hit that sweet spot for me. Also let’s face it, 1/6th scale is a great scale to play with miniatures too. That coupled with the accessible price on these figures is definitely going to put me in danger of collecting more of these dolls!! XD

It’s been a while ^w^;;

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve used my dolly blog and in truth doll stuff has been happening, but with maintaining 2 webcomics and other work, this blog has become neglected.  I want to try to remedy this and I have a couple blog posts planned but for now I wanted to mention that I’m sculpting again!

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this girl on the blog, but I am working on a kind of tallish mature MSD sized girl.  I’ve posted some progress shots for her on my Instagram.  My goal is to eventually make an artist cast of her and then have her sent off to be professionally cast.  If I can’t manage a professional casting then I will probably be happy with making my own artist cast of her for myself as I want her to have a “birth” in resin because I still think she has a cute face here a year or more later since I started!!

Anyway let’s hope I can finish her!!

2015 Dolly Goals

Since I have sorely neglected my dollyblog this year and so many people are creating their 2015 doll goals, I thought maybe I should also make a list as maybe it will help me keep on track and not forget my dollies this year. ><;; Actually there was a lot of dolly stuff that happened in 2014, but I either instagrammed it or tumblr’d it, or what have you. So I will quickly recap the things I missed blogging about here before I list my goals.

First off, the big thing was I saved and finally purchased my Supia Zion during their summer event and also received Giyom’s event head. I collected eyes, wig, clothing and etc.. for him but I have yet to paint his face. The second most important thing is that I was able to get a Merry Doll Round Fang head! I’ve loved that sculpt since I first saw it, but I thought the artist had abandoned doll making, but no she has come back and I am more than pleased to have my Fang, even without a body and faceless, lol. You can see a box opening pic for the head on my instagram here: My Fang Box Opening! Lastly I went crazy on heads last year because I also bought a Granado Jaden head that I just fell in love with. He is a mature Asian looking man, and I just couldn’t resist. Alas he is still faceless and bodyless as well lol. This brings me now to the new year and my goals are as follows:

1 – Most importantly I want to be able to allow myself more “dolly time”! Since I am going to adopt a new approach to my well being by giving myself a “gift” every day, I have decided that giving myself dolly time on any given day would be a good gift. So I will endeavor to give myself more free time rather than being so hard focused on drawing every second of the day. ><;;

2 – I want to improve my photography skills and actually make an effort to bring out all my SD sized room box and props. If I don’t do a full blown doll photoshoot with my props at least twice this year I will consider this goal a failure. (‘x’)

3 – Give face-ups to my blank heads and improve my face-up skills. I plan to start with Zion since he has a body and then move on to Fang next. Ultimately I am considering using the Giyom head to practice face-ups on, but I also see a lot of potential in his sculpt and should he happen to turn out fantastically one day, he may wind up being more than a practice head.

4 – Finish the rehab on the 1/12th scale dollhouse my grandfather made for me when I was a child. Yes, that poor house is sitting unfinished on a bookshelf next to my bed. I can look over at it every night and it looks like a tiny haunted house with all of the windows out and tools strewn about inside.

5 – In the same vein as the dollhouse rehab, I would also like to make a lot more props for all scales of dolls in the new year. I would like to build a 1/3rd scale table and chairs as well as try my hand at making various faux foodstuffs out of sculpey, and anything else that comes to mind.

6 – Finish incomplete monster high repaints. I have at least one wiped head and another doll lying around waiting to be customized. I would like to finish those customs and improve my face-painting skills. Also if I can swing it, I’d like to redo the face of my Clawdeen which I have never been perfectly happy with.

7 – I’d like to be able to add to all of my dolly wardrobes either by sewing clothes myself or purchasing some items. Money will be tight this year however since I have an art goal to get a cintiq which takes precedence over dolly things since this is more of a hobby for me.

8 – I’d also like to have another go at trying to sculpt my own doll this year. I have a few sketched plans lying about, and a few new ideas for an adult doll in roughly 1/6th scale that can be used in dioramas.

9 – If it is at all financially possible after meeting my cintiq goal, I would like to finally get a body for my Little Rebel Seven head. He’s been sitting all painted up in his box too long. (T_T) I am leaning towards a Spiritdoll elegance body for him mainly because of the three jointed torso, but I still really love Dollstown’s 60cm boy body.

10 – Lastly, just to round this off at 10, even though this could be included with number 1, I’d like to not neglect this blog as much. If I can find something to post about at least once a month, I’d consider it a success.

So, I think that’s it for most of my goals for the year. I don’t honestly think I will be able to make all of them, but at least seeing my plans laid out, I can attempt to knock as much off the list as I can, and anything not accomplished can become the following years goals….got to start somewhere! 😉

Little Rebel Seven – Face-up!


I finally had a chance to give my Seven a face-up. It actually took 2 tries since I bungled the first iteration of this face-up and had to wipe it off. ><;; Anyway I just feel excited because I feel like a "leveled up" in the face-up department with my last two dolls (Zaoll Luv and LR Seven). I still have a long way to go I think, but I am starting to feel more confident. This face-up is also my first time painting the face of a boy doll. I was really nervous about attempting this, but as it turns out it's not much different from painting the girl's faces. I still need to get my Seven a proper wig, pair of eyes annnnd yeah, even a body. ><;; I'll be tackling the wig and eyes first since they are less costly and I'm still trying to hold onto my savings since I'm also still hoping for a Supia event with a boy re-release. Oh well, it gives me lots of things to look forward to in the end. I just hope I can get him a body before the end of the year.

Doll in Mind Danbi – For Sale


I decided that it was time to sell my DIM Danbi since he spends most of his time in his box. I am selling him through DoA, so if you have marketplace access you can check him out here:

He comes with the fur wig and eyes pictured as well as two shirts and a pair of jeans. He will come shipped in his original box with his authentication papers. Please bear in mind he needs to be re-strung and currently cannot stand since he’s too loose, but restringing or suedeing will solve this problem.