2015 Dolly Goals

Since I have sorely neglected my dollyblog this year and so many people are creating their 2015 doll goals, I thought maybe I should also make a list as maybe it will help me keep on track and not forget my dollies this year. >

SD/SD17 Size Roombox Project

Well I guess I decided to go crazy and I’ve started building a gigantic room box to use as a backdrop in my doll photography. This particular room box was designed with my Mio/Zaoll hybrid in mind who is 52cm, as well as my future plans for a 65cm boy, as well as leaving the window open for it to work well with the 60cm dolls. Beyond that I also have the hope that my MSD sized dolls could also make use of the space as well despite it being more to the scale of the 52cm to 65cm dolls. … Continue Reading →

Going to be making a small adjustment to the blog name.

I just wanted to mention it here so nobody is caught off guard, but I plan to change the blog name to Little Stars slowly over the next week or so. I feel it better matches the blog which is mostly about dolls and dollhouses. Originally when I had first started this blog I had been into making my own handmade paper and stuff, hence the “paper” in “paper stars”. Now my paper crafting has taken a backseat to all of my doll clothing and miniature making. 🙂 This name change will also make the blog match better to the … Continue Reading →

Experiment Light Diffuser.

I’ve seen a lot of neat little tutorials where people with smaller 1/6th scale dolls have made little light box diffusers to photograph their dolls in with a nice soft looking studio light. The only problem is that if you have anything larger than a YOSD or a Blythe you may find it difficult to create a light box big enough. On top of that if you wanted to photograph a room box with your dolls that also presents a problem. So I thought to myself, why can’t I just make some diffusers to use when I make a set … Continue Reading →

Rejuvenation and Redesign Planned. :)

I’ve decided I’d like to try to be a little more serious about my little doll and toys blog here. I’m not sure if I will be able to manage it with all of my comic and illustration work, but I literally am looking at, enjoying, or doing something related to dolls and toys every week so I don’t see how I should fall short of material! With all of this said, I will start with a re-design to make this place look a little more attractive and I’m probably going to try to suss out the categories and make … Continue Reading →