Dolly Find!

I went and did a little thrift store shopping with my cousin when he was out here a couple weeks ago and I found this cute little vintage desk from the 70s! It works great in Edie’s room, and then I was able to move the armoire down into the nearly empty living room, yay. Besides the desk there was some other furniture that came packed together with it, which were a beige armoire and vanity set complete with seat, as well as a small table and chair. These toys were made for a type of doll that was produced back in the early 70s and turned out to be perfect Pullip and Dal sized items because they are a little more oversized than the Barbie furniture and thusly are a better fit due to the added height of the head size on Pullips and Dals.

Anyway I got the whole bag of toys for only $5.00 at my local DAV, so I am going to highly recommend thrift store shopping to search for doll clothes and furniture. The DAV and AmVets are better though than your run of the mill Goodwill because they have more toys and they are packed in plastic bags. Goodwill seems to only have a lot of larger toys. Also it is possible to find bags of dolls/doll clothes as well. I saw a pack of doll/doll clothes there that I was tempted to buy for $3.00, but the bag was heavy on the dolls and had less so much clothes. I think there is a certain amount of luck and timing to get a good find, but when you do it will totally make your day! It totally made my day to find that little desk, which subsequently I researched online and came to find that it is actually worth around $50-$60 these days! (O-O)!!

Dolly Find – Eraser Miniatures


Ack! I realized that I have been neglecting this blog! Lately I’ve been trying to focus a little more on my comic work, so it’s making my other hobbies suffer. I am hoping though to be able to have a chance this weekend to play around with my dollhouse and the new miniatures I have gotten for it. Then maybe I can post some pics! I also have a DIY Pullip Bed post I need to make at some point as well…..Anyway on with the eraser miniatures though.

I found these “crazerasers” in the Easter section at Target the other day. They are around with all of the Easter Basket toys. Anyhow these are the perfect scale for Pullip & Dal, and they are cheap at only $1.19 a set. Besides the two sets seen here they also had a bathroom item set, some sports sets and another food set that I have forgotten about. Now as cute as these are there are a couple drawbacks, but I think the drawbacks can be forgiven for the cheap price. Drawback one is that the little separate pieces, like the sausages in the fry pan, actually have a little nub underneath them which plugs into a hole in the skillet. If you, like me, do not want the nub, you could just carefully carve it off with a Xacto blade since they are erasers. The other drawback is that they are going to need some trimming, as some pieces will have a little fringe at their seam edges from the molds. Again though that is easy to take care of with an Xacto blade.

New Wig and Photoshoot!


The new wig has arrived! It is a Luts “baby wave” mohair wig in carrot. At first when it had arrived I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to put it on actually as I had begun to grow fond of Frara’s stock wig. In the end I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did. I rather like the wig, and it’s soooo darned soft! Anyway I may do some more styling to it, but the natural looking everywhere curls are growing on me so we’ll see. I posted a few more new wig shots at my flickr which you can find here: Or you can just click the flickr widget in the sidebar.

I realize that I haven’t named my Dal yet. I am keeping Nina and Sage’s names because I like them, but Frara, does nothing for me. It sounds like the Chinese restaurant servers in A Christmas Story singing Deck the Halls…”Fra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra rah!” XD Anyway I was kind of thinking of something old fashioned sounding like Coralie, Edeline or maybe even Katherine, then she could be Corie, Edie, or Kitty respectively. Well, I shall have to give some more thought to it.

Christmas Swag Photoshoot.


I added some new photos to flickr of a quickie photo shoot I did with the new dolls and Re-Ment I got for Xmas this year. To check out all of the photos, just visit my flickr page here:

I took a few more pics after these ones but I haven’t had time to transfer them onto my computer yet. Maybe I can get around to posting those tomorrow though. 🙂

Dolly Find – Mini Gingerbread


When I was over in JoAnns today I did some snooping through thier Xmas ornaments which were 70% off and I came across these mini gingerbread ornaments which were meant for the small trees. They also happen to be the perfect Pullip size, and after snipping off their little hoops for hanging, I figure they should be perfect for Pullip an Dal’s holiday cookie tray! Even better was the price which was under a dollar!