Doll wigs, SD props and a Customs retention.

So a lot of doll related things have been happening, but I just haven’t had the time to blog since it’s been the holidays and I am trying to get everything together to go on vacation in January. The first thing that happened is the wig and headband I ordered in a For My Doll GO arrived. Here is a shot of Lulu in her new wig and Sona is wearing Lulu’s old wig.


I have to say that this is the second wig I have ordered from For My Doll and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of wigs from that shop. Frankly I consider my FMD wigs to be of better quality than the one Leeke wig I own. Anyhow, I really like this wig on my Lulu, but I’m not sure how I feel about Sona in Lulu’s old wig. It’s cute and looks a bit more mature over her old pigtails, but I think I may still be questing for a wig yet for Sona. I think maybe I also need to try to buy other colors of wigs besides brown, but I just can’t help it!! I love dark brown hair and FMD’s “mild black” is the perfect deep brown.

Aside from the wigs, I’ve begun working on creating an SD sized bed for the first piece of furniture for my room box. I have my plans all drawn out and my wood bought, but I’ve only just begun cutting and painting. I really hope I get a chance to work on it some more before my vacation because I’d love to make a blog posting and share my progress, but I also have to double up on my work so I don’t have anything due over vacation AND I also have to finish hemming my dress among other vaycay prep.

Lastly the Dollstown elf body shipped a couple days ago and I was super excited to follow it’s tracking until suddenly after arriving in Chicago today it was detained by Customs saying “customs retention: other” D: I’ve never had this happen before so I popped on DoA to see if anyone else had this trouble before and sure enough there is a thread dedicated to it in the buying and shipping section. After reading through the thread I feel a little better since another user said that packages are processed through Chicago’s customs very fast. I’m really hoping that it only has that status since it arrived after 6pm on a Saturday and it just waiting for Monday’s work week to come around. I am going to be a bundle of nerves until this body arrives since I will be leaving on the 17th for vacation and it must arrive before then! D: I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that my package clears customs on Monday. The last thing I need is for it to get stuck in customs for a week or more and then ship when I am gone. I’ve heard where EMS packages won’t be kept for any longer than 5 days even in vacation hold mail. Oh man….I just don’t think I can say this.. D: enough…lol. If this has taught me anything it’s to not order things before vacation, even if it is in stock and will ship within a week and you still have a month left before vaycay so it should be “safe”…because apparently everything will go wrong.

Hybrid Fever.

After putting Mio’s head on a Zaoll body I’ve become A LOT more open to hybrids, especially since I’ve become a lot more fussy in terms of body sculpt both in aesthetics and functionality of joints. Also I’ve surprised myself and I’m finding out I really do enjoy owning the big dolls, though Mio is a shorty, but still. So in a flush of new found love for 60cm dolls my brain decided to hatch a plan as to what sort of companions she needed. XD

I think I have wholly decided on Supia’s Zion sculpt for one of her new companions, but Zion is also a 65cm doll, which means Mio will look very tiny next to him. Then I thought perhaps I could find a slightly shorter body to put his head on so the size difference won’t be so great. This was when I discovered both Spiritdoll and Dollstown, who both have extremely lovely body sculpts with nice jointing systems. Unfortunately it’s been difficult trying to find information as to whether any of the Dollstown or Spiritdoll resins will match, but overall it’s not looking good sadly. However I am not letting it deter me because……


I ordered Mio the Dollstown Elf girl body in freshkin! You may wonder how I arrived at this since I was all about Zion a moment ago, and it was a long chain of events let me tell you. So to begin with I knew I wanted the elf body when I saw it, because the sculpt is just really beautiful, not to mention it has double jointed knees and arms, AND it’s another shorty girl coming in at the same height as Zaoll at 52cm. 🙂 After researching potential resin matches with Dollmore resin, and double checking measurements, I came to the conclusion that I could upgrade Mio’s body and then I would be able to give my Zaoll Luv back her body. So then I can have two girls instead of one now. 😉 On top of this I will then have a sample of dollstown freshskin resin to do comparisons with for future hybrids. I just have to hope now that since the elf body is in stock that it ships soon and arrives before my vacation in late January. I probably should have waited to order until I returned, but then that would mean I would have had to force myself to wait for nearly two months before ordering and then knowing my luck it wouldn’t be in stock anymore and I’d have to wait another 2 months production time XP. So I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that she ships within 2 weeks and arrives here in early January. Annnnd I’ll be keeping some extra fingers and toes crossed that Mio’s head will fit well on the new body. The Dollmore Eve neck circumference is around 7.5 and the elf body’s is 7.8 so it should work in theory. I also hope the resin match is close….it does look close from the comparison shots I found and that people shared with me, but it is still probably going to require some blushing.

As for Zion….well I had remembered my original idea that the size difference between a tall boy and a short girl is part of what makes it interesting, so I am considering ordering him as a whole doll with the supia body. However, the boys are out of stock on the Supia site and I read where they won’t be available until early 2014, because their bodies are being re-worked. It was also added that when the new boy bodies are ready they will be having another event as well, so my plans for ordering Zion will wait. To be honest, at this point I hope it will be a spring event this way I can stockpile my money until then, lol.

Withdoll Taren’s Box Opening!

So, my Taren arrived somewhat unexpectedly today. I knew from tracking that he had landed in Chicago and I figured that since it was a holiday that I shouldn’t expect him until Monday, but lo and behold he suddenly appeared here today and on Black Friday no less, haha. Anyway I shall now dispense with the photos.


Well hello there shipping box. 😉


And the actual doll box. Withdoll has a nice simple box with their logo stamped on top. For some reason a simple brown box is always appealing to me. Maybe it’s because it has a eco feel, or maybe it’s because The Sound of Music taught me that brown paper packages tied up with string are good times. XD


And inside the box is the funny doll shaped foam cut-out, heehee. He also came with an extra set of hands (in different poses) and a nice pair of acrylic eyes by Glib in a hazel color.


And removing the foam we get the first view of Taren snugly packed and without eyes lol.


Here’s a shot of his default face-up…this is the softer type A face-up on realskin UV. Overall it was what I was expecting, though the lower lashes are a bit more subdued, which is perfect actually. The brow is a bit lighter and the lips a bit less pink, but it is ok and really it’s a quality face-up. The eyes are the Glib ones I received with the order since the aqua colored glass eyes I selected for him were too large despite being 12mm. TAT I may experiment with 10mm eyes for him, since I think the 12mm fill up just a bit too much of the eye for me.


Here he is next to my Lusis. I like the way they look together, I think their scale is perfect. I’d also like to point out that he’s wearing M3 studio jeans that fit him well. Unfortunately I do not have a shirt for him yet. ^^; I intend to make a t-shirt for him soon. I’m not sure what I think of the wig I bought for him. I still have to mess with it some more. I am thinking though that he might look a bit better in black.


And here’s a group shot of him with both of my MSD sized girls. You can kind of see how the realskin UV compares tone wise with Dollmore resin and Unoa resin, though both my Sona and my Lusis have some yellowing.

I’d also like to mention that I am really pleased with how my Taren poses. He is not strung super tight like some companies so he can hold half bent arm poses without slapping himself in the face. His knee joints too are well constructed as he can stand with one knee half bent in a very natural pose. The upper torso joint is also very smooth working and I like how the hand is magnetized and you can twist it off for an easy changeout with the spare hands. Now I hope that they come out with more option hands to buy like fists and pointing hands because I would have a lot of fun with it!! Overall I have to say that this doll is exceedingly well constructed, especially for the price. I have not had a doll who posed so well out of the box without needing sueding. You will wait a good 3-4 months to get a doll from Withdoll, but when it arrives I think you will be very pleased.

Incoming dolls and other nonsense.

So, I decided to go for it, Taren’s sweet face and the sale compelled me to splurge on him. My order went in on August 18th and according to the forums the wait time for Withdoll is 2-3 months. Hopefully he will be in my hands before Xmas, and I really hope he arrives before I go out of town in January on a family vacation. I ordered him in the realskin UV as I decided it was time for me to branch out beyond all of the “normal skin” dolls. 😉 The idea of the sunscreen in a resin with translucence is what sold me though. I just hope it is as beautiful in person as I have seen in photographs. Taren will also be my first MSD boy, and he is filling a space in the collection that sorely needed filled. This means of course that I will need to shop for MSD boys clothes in the meantime so he doesn’t have to sit around naked. If anyone has any suggestions on which brands fit withdoll boys really well I’d love to hear them.

Aside from Taren, I’ve decided I am going to give it another try to order a Mio head. I will be participating in a new Dollmore GO that the same organizer is handling. I figure if I will ever be able to get a Mio head from a group order, it is going to be with this person! Haha, thankfully they have a good humor about it.

So with all that, I have to say this must end my doll purchases for 2013. I forbid myself from purchasing any more dolls until after the new year. *sigh* there are just so many pretty dolls and so little time and money to have them all.

Incoming Doll(s)!

A while back I ordered a blank Mio head through a Dollmore group order on DoA, and she has finally arrived in the states so hopefully I will have her before too long! I had been wanting a Mio for a long time, but I have also been reluctant to purchase any dolls above MSD size because I feel MSD size is perfect for me. However when I discovered Zaoll and her smaller stature, only coming in at around 54cm I thought maybe that middling size between MSD and SD would be ok. This being said, I took advantage of Dollmore’s summer sale and I now have a blank Zaoll on her way to me!

I feel a little guilty that I’m going to hybridize her and put Mio’s head on her body though, but I figure if I like this size well enough I could just watch the DoA marketplace for another Zaoll body and have two girls. 🙂 After this I intend to stick to MSD from here on out I think. My next dolly goal will be to acquire a Unoa boy, probably a B-El.