Doll wigs, SD props and a Customs retention.

So a lot of doll related things have been happening, but I just haven’t had the time to blog since it’s been the holidays and I am trying to get everything together to go on vacation in January. The first thing that happened is the wig and headband I ordered in a For My Doll GO arrived. Here is a shot of Lulu in her new wig and Sona is wearing Lulu’s old wig. I have to say that this is the second wig I have ordered from For My Doll and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality … Continue Reading →

Hybrid Fever.

After putting Mio’s head on a Zaoll body I’ve become A LOT more open to hybrids, especially since I’ve become a lot more fussy in terms of body sculpt both in aesthetics and functionality of joints. Also I’ve surprised myself and I’m finding out I really do enjoy owning the big dolls, though Mio is a shorty, but still. So in a flush of new found love for 60cm dolls my brain decided to hatch a plan as to what sort of companions she needed. XD I think I have wholly decided on Supia’s Zion sculpt for one of her … Continue Reading →

Withdoll Taren’s Box Opening!

So, my Taren arrived somewhat unexpectedly today. I knew from tracking that he had landed in Chicago and I figured that since it was a holiday that I shouldn’t expect him until Monday, but lo and behold he suddenly appeared here today and on Black Friday no less, haha. Anyway I shall now dispense with the photos. Well hello there shipping box. 😉 And the actual doll box. Withdoll has a nice simple box with their logo stamped on top. For some reason a simple brown box is always appealing to me. Maybe it’s because it has a eco feel, … Continue Reading →

Incoming dolls and other nonsense.

So, I decided to go for it, Taren’s sweet face and the sale compelled me to splurge on him. My order went in on August 18th and according to the forums the wait time for Withdoll is 2-3 months. Hopefully he will be in my hands before Xmas, and I really hope he arrives before I go out of town in January on a family vacation. I ordered him in the realskin UV as I decided it was time for me to branch out beyond all of the “normal skin” dolls. 😉 The idea of the sunscreen in a resin … Continue Reading →

Incoming Doll(s)!

A while back I ordered a blank Mio head through a Dollmore group order on DoA, and she has finally arrived in the states so hopefully I will have her before too long! I had been wanting a Mio for a long time, but I have also been reluctant to purchase any dolls above MSD size because I feel MSD size is perfect for me. However when I discovered Zaoll and her smaller stature, only coming in at around 54cm I thought maybe that middling size between MSD and SD would be ok. This being said, I took advantage of … Continue Reading →