Removing Lusis’s Face-up

I started removing the two face-ups from My Lusis faceplates last night, which turned out to be quite a lot of hard work, though it did provide amusement. You can see from the pic above that I was literally peeling the lip paint off of this doll, this is how thick the paint was applied. ^^; For the most part though, after a swipe with isopropyl alcohol and a soak in warm water I was able to peel a lot of the paint off with my fingernail. However the corners proved to be stubborn and I had to carefully use my clay-working needle tool to carefully prick and pull out the paint that was crammed into tiny corners. The eyes also had a lot of dried glue around them which required a lot of soaking in warm water to get the glue pliable enough so it could be removed. There were a couple spots of paint in the eye wells that didn’t want to come off for me despite resorting to using acetone on them, but I chalk it up to being the rough surface that needs a gentle sanding. Anyway I have to say that if you can peel off your face-up like in my pic above, “UR DOIN IT WRONG!” XD (the face-up that is).

Here they are all cleaned up and ready for customization. As you can tell from the photo, Lusis R (right) has her mouth opened a tiny bit more than Lusis L (left). Also Lusis R’s mouth is a tad asymmetrical. I think I should be able to fix this easily enough with gentle sanding. For Lusis L, she’s in great shape except the seam line around the edge of her plate is rough and needs a little sanding. Both of these girls just need a little gentle finishing sanding really, but overall they are in excellent shape. I suppose I should also record that both of them have had their eyebrows sanded, however there is a very slight, faint sort of smooth ridge where they used to be. I’m not sure if I will sand them any further or not. I guess we’ll see when I decide to start working on their face-ups.

New Photoshoot

Ash’s new wig and cargo pants arrived a couple days ago and I just now got around to snapping some new pics of him. The wig and the pants both came from Sunny’s World. Overall it was a really good transaction and the pants are especially wonderful for the price. The wig is a really great color and matches Ash’s face-up really well, but I was a little surprised to find that the wig is a little thin. I think since Ash kind of has a big head compared to other SD13 sized boys, that a fuller wig will be better. Other than being thin though, the color is great and it’s very soft and manageable.

Anyway if you’d like to see all of the new photo’s I’ve uploaded, you can find them in my flickr. You can click the flickr icon in the right sidebar to go there, or here is the link as well.

Bedding Finished!

I finished the bedding this afternoon and I decided to put the bed together and snap a few pics of it in the upstairs bedroom of the dollhouse. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, though I think I may make some some more throw pillows to fill out the bed a little more. I posted a few more pictures of the room and my Brownie Haha in my flickr account which you can check out here:

At this point I need to focus on drawing, so I’m putting away the dollhouse until possibly this weekend. I’d like to finish out the bedroom a little more, but I still have to put in some flooring and wallpaper, so I should probably focus on that stuff before I do more decorative things. Well, enough rambling! Time to do my comic work.

Yara’s bad face-up and Sona’s new to her wig.

I wanted to give my Yara a new face-up, this time something a little bolder and with fresher colors, and well it turned out bolder all right, but it started heading in a direction that I ended up not liking. After having already wiped and re-primed twice because of eyebrow flubs, I decided to just continue with my third attempt since the brows turned out fine. In the end though I think it’s too garish and I have way too many little flubs and blunders all through the entire face-up. I’m going to wipe her face again soon and re-do it, but I probably won’t be able to get to it again for a few days, so she’s like she is for now. Anyhow I thought I’d post this bad face-up for posterity or something. XD

Also, Sona’s newness has wore off enough so I thought I would finally remove her original wig which was velcroed on by dollmore. I had bought this short blunt cut wig for her back when I first ordered her and I wasn’t positive I would get the wig I wanted. After trying it on her I think I’ll keep it on her for a while since the cut has a schoolgirl vibe to it that I think suits her well, and it’s also easier to manage.

Still thinking about new dolls as in my previous post, but every time I consider making a large frivolous purchase I always have to argue with myself over it for a week or so before I come to any conclusions. I did however take my DIM Danbi out of his box this afternoon, mostly with the intention of checking his condition for sale. After getting him out and looking him over and being newly shocked by his size again, I think I decided I should keep him because although he’s not double jointed, it is a nice body sculpt, so IF I did order the Ash fullset there could be the possibility of him using the DIM body which I think looks a little more manly than the mudoll body sculpt. Argh! Listen to me, I am still seriously considering it! o(>3<;)o

More Dollhouse Progress

Today I was finally able to finish off the main upstairs bedroom. You can see my wainscot in it’s finished and painted state there. The large window is actually a set of pseudo French doors that will open onto the little terrace that is part of the original house but has been removed for the time being. Aside from making an error in trimming, I am overall very pleased with house this room turned out. Now all I have to do is finish the rest of the house and get the room decorated. 🙂

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