Experiment Light Diffuser.

I’ve seen a lot of neat little tutorials where people with smaller 1/6th scale dolls have made little light box diffusers to photograph their dolls in with a nice soft looking studio light. The only problem is that if you have anything larger than a YOSD or a Blythe you may find it difficult to create a light box big enough. On top of that if you wanted to photograph a room box with your dolls that also presents a problem. So I thought to myself, why can’t I just make some diffusers to use when I make a set for my MSD girls? And then I decided I would try it. 😉


So I started with a box, in this case it was a lamp box my mother saved for me after she bought this lamp at Ikea. I feel like I’m advertising for them now or something, lol. Anyway….

I slit the box down two corners, and this would be two corners diagonal from each other so in the end you wind up with two triangles of box and some bits of attached lids and bases.


After securing the box with some tape on the base so it will keep it’s triangle shape and won’t move on me, I decided the orignal lamp box opening wasn’t big enough and I decided to cut out a large rectangle of cardboard being sure to leave a good 2-3 inches around the outside.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the next step, but after you cut your window holes in the boxes you will want to tape a thin paper or tissue to the inside of the box, covering the window hole. The paper/tissue is going to be the part that acts as your diffuser, the rest is there for support.


So here are my diffusers in action. You can see how I taped the paper to the windows, and basically I set clamp lamps inside. If you want to angle your lamps in a specific direction, you can put a heavy object like an art history book on the base for support and clamp your lamp to the side or top of the box. I imagine with a little work you could probably even figure out how to hang the box around a lamp that is higher up in the air, but I didn’t try anything like that.


Annnnnd here is a test shot I took using the diffusers. In the end I applied a cooling filter to the image because these shots wanted to come out orange which kind of told me they were a bit under exposed, however I was using a low watt incandescent so there’s that too. Since I only have the kit lens on my camera I’m going to have to either add more lighting or get a new lens with a larger aperture setting. As it is, these were all shot at 1/60th at f3.5 which is the most my len’s aperture can open.

Anyway you can judge for yourself if you’d find something like this useful for your doll photography. For me the verdict is still out on these boxes. I am going to try working with them again when I plan to photograph my sewing projects and then make my decision. I might also use a more powerful light with more of a cool cast as well. If I come up with anything new I’ll be sure to blog about it!

Unoa and Dollmore Kid Comparison


Someone on DoA requested a comparison shot of a Dollmore Kid with other MSD sized dolls, particularly how the slim MSDs like Narin and Unoa looked together, and I was happy to oblige. I thought I would go ahead and expand on the comparison shot a little bit for my blog though in case it might be helpful to others.

So first of all you can see how my Lusis has a slimmer waistline and is more in proportion with an adult female. Overall the bodies are nearly the same length, Sona just has a slightly longer neck which makes her appear a tiny bit taller than the Unoa. However Sona’s arms are a bit longer than the Unoa and her hands are definitely larger. Overall these two girls as they are can share loose fitting clothing like dresses and shirts.

Unoa has a larger bust, but Sona makes up for that in overall girth. Basically all of the Dollmore kid is just a little larger in girth than the Unoa, but this goes doubly do for the thighs near the ball joint. Dollmore kids kind of have “thunder thighs” lol. Anyway because of the differences in the thigh and hip area, they aren’t particularly suited to share pants, but you can get away with some skirt sharing, and possibly even loose short sharing if you are into that kinds of look.

Lastly, Dollmore Kids have huge feet. You can clearly see the size difference in the picture. Really I think Dollmore Kids must have some of the largest feet on an MSD because it is not uncommon to buy shoes that would work for an SD or SD13 girl and have them work on the kids.

Well I think that’s about it for my comparison chatter. I won’t discuss resin comparison because A) My Unoa is blushed, B) My Unoa has some yellowing and C) My lighting blew out Sona a little bit because I don’t consider her that white!!

New Photoshoot

Ash’s new wig and cargo pants arrived a couple days ago and I just now got around to snapping some new pics of him. The wig and the pants both came from Sunny’s World. Overall it was a really good transaction and the pants are especially wonderful for the price. The wig is a really great color and matches Ash’s face-up really well, but I was a little surprised to find that the wig is a little thin. I think since Ash kind of has a big head compared to other SD13 sized boys, that a fuller wig will be better. Other than being thin though, the color is great and it’s very soft and manageable.

Anyway if you’d like to see all of the new photo’s I’ve uploaded, you can find them in my flickr. You can click the flickr icon in the right sidebar to go there, or here is the link as well.


Bedding Finished!

I finished the bedding this afternoon and I decided to put the bed together and snap a few pics of it in the upstairs bedroom of the dollhouse. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, though I think I may make some some more throw pillows to fill out the bed a little more. I posted a few more pictures of the room and my Brownie Haha in my flickr account which you can check out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tsukiyonomiyu/

At this point I need to focus on drawing, so I’m putting away the dollhouse until possibly this weekend. I’d like to finish out the bedroom a little more, but I still have to put in some flooring and wallpaper, so I should probably focus on that stuff before I do more decorative things. Well, enough rambling! Time to do my comic work.

More Ash Spam!

I posted a few new images to my flickr account which you can view by clicking the flickr icon in the sidebar of the blog. I really think this is just such a great sculpt that it deserves a lot more attention. As always, with unknown dolls, they just don’t receive any love, especially on DoA. 🙁 I posted a thread in the gallery earlier today and I think I’m well on my way to having no views and no comments because people seem to be automatically not interested in newer, unknown sculpts. I say booooo to that! So yeah I’m going to spam it up with Ash. I just hope his new pants and alternate wig show up soon so I have more fodder and an excuse for shooting more pics.