Doll in Mind Danbi – For Sale

I decided that it was time to sell my DIM Danbi since he spends most of his time in his box. I am selling him through DoA, so if you have marketplace access you can check him out here: He comes with the fur wig and eyes pictured as well as two shirts and a pair of jeans. He will come shipped in his original box with his authentication papers. Please bear in mind he needs to be re-strung and currently cannot stand since he’s too loose, but restringing or suedeing will solve this problem. Bookmark on Delicious Digg … Continue Reading →

I’m selling my AE Yara.

I decided it was time to sell my Asleep Eidolon Yara since she has spent many years in a box. ^^;; I feel kinda bad, but I think it’s because I am no longer as much into the larger “anime eyed” style dolls as I used to be when I was younger. She’s still a pretty cute girl though and I hope someone will give her a better home, because she deserves some fun!. (T_T;;) Anyway my sale thread is up on DoA here: You must be logged in and have marketplace access to be able to see it. … Continue Reading →

Finished a Unoa/MSD denim jumper set. :)

So I finally finished that denim jumper set I was talking about earlier in the month and I’m super happy with it. 😀 Also if it is now available for sale in my etsy shop! The full set includes: denim jumper, t-shirt, over knee socks, legwarmers and a flower brooch. Anyhoot on with the preview pics. After finishing this set I kinda started becoming obsessed with making little fabric flower brooches, lol. They are so tiny and hard to make, but in the end you have something really pretty so all the time is worthwhile. 😀 Bookmark on Delicious … Continue Reading →

Added Unoa and MSD clothing to my etsy!

Oh man, so I haven’t been able to find the time to blog as much about all the sewing I’ve been doing lately, so surprise! I have 3 different outfit sets and a couple separates listed on etsy that you can buy. The majority of the clothing is for Unoa, but some of the items will also fit your regular MSD sized girls as well. I’m pretty excited about some of these, so let me get on with a couple preview pictures. I think this set is my favorite. I really love how the poncho top looks on my Lulu. … Continue Reading →

Vintage 1995 Sailor Moon Dolls on eBay

I’m selling off some of my old Sailor Moon dolls that are new in their boxes that I not longer want or I have doubles of. Currently I have the full size Princess Serena and Rubeus dolls up on ebay, and also a 6 inch version of Sailor Moon, all made by Irwin Toys. Bidding prices start at $5.00 for the full size doll and $2.00 for the 6inch doll, which I think are very reasonable considering the prices of the other doll listings. I am also planning on putting a few more up before the day is done, and … Continue Reading →