La Dee Da Doll

I’ve come to like the look of the La Dee Da dolls, and with a price cut currently going on at Target I thought I’d go ahead and purchase one of these cuties. They have big heads and oversized eyes similar to pullip and the fashion on this particular “city girl” doll is bright and cute reminding me of something Blythe or Pullip would wear. You can see from the photo above how she sizes up next to Blythe, Dal and Pullip. So, the clothing that she comes with is a little blue next shrug, a pair of tube stockings, … Continue Reading →

Rerooting Tutorials

While I’ve been waiting for my order from Dollyhair to arrive, I’ve been scouring the internet for any tutorials or general information I can find about re-rooting and the different kinds of fibers and such that you can buy. I figure I’d go ahead and make a posting and share what I’ve found so far. Mohair and Alpaca related My Monster Crush: This blog seems to focus on Monster High dolls, and this particular posting has information on making doll wigs out of feathers as well as re-rooting with mohair. Wedge’s Mohair Tutorial: This is a image on flickr…look for … Continue Reading →

Website “Window Shopping” XD – Mandarake

So I guess I’m “re-discovering” Mandarake after hearing someone gush about a new dolly purchase they made through them. Considering I’m always late to the party it seems, I’m sure everyone knows about this place, but if you don’t then keep reading, heck keep reading even if you do know cause it’s fun! 😀 I had already known about Mandarake and in fact I had ordered used manga from them back in the day when I was a more avid collector of manga. Apparently however back then I never bothered with any other sections of their site, and in truth … Continue Reading →

The Christmas Dolly Haul. :D

Well as you can clearly see, I got my first full size Blythe! She is a Nicky Lad, and I am so very pleased with her. I love the stock outfit she comes with, and wow, the quality of these dolls are amazing compared to Pullips and Dals. Blythe really lacks any of those fragile feelings you have about Pullip and co. Of course Blythe lacks the pose-ability that Pullip and Dal have, so I guess it is kind of a trade off. One of the things that surprised me the most though about Blythe is that she really looks … Continue Reading →

Littlest Petshop Blythe

Because it’s the Christmas shopping season I’ve been seeing a lot of adverts on TV for the Littlest PetShop toys featuring Blythe. After seeing a dozen or so of these ads I finally decided that I would look for them in the store the next time I went. I got lucky and there was one of the equestrian themed Blythe sets there, so I went ahead and purchased it. I am also pleased to say that I find them to be of pretty good quality! Now I don’t own a Petite Blythe, but I have seen them, and after reading … Continue Reading →