New School Uniforms!


I had been meaning for a while to get matching school uniforms for Sona and Lulu, but I hadn’t until recently found a uniform that fit what I had envisioned for them and was not cheaply made or overpriced. Then I stumbled upon this little site called Promise of the World. They had previously been on etsy and moved to their own website within the past year. They are also on taobao, and what first impressed me first about them is that they don’t inflate their prices for the western market and their stuff is adorable and well made!

I ordered the two sets of uniforms last week on Monday and they just arrived to me today (the next Monday). They had listed on their website that everything was in stock, and apparently it was! The quality of the items I received also was very good and just like the images on the website. The outfits are super cute and very well sewn, though nothing is lined which I know isn’t typical, but the more expensive brands are often lined so I thought I’d mention it. My Sona’s bright pink camisole showed through the white fabric, but what can you expect when it’s bright pink, lol. Either way the problem was easily solved by just removing her cami. A particularly nice touch was the fact that each bow is threaded onto a silken ribbon with a slip knot in the back, so you can easily attach it to your girl’s clothing under the sailor sash. What’s also really nice is you can kind of mix and match your sailor uniform parts to make something a little more unique for you. Aside from the red ribbons, I also purchased two of the pale blue scarves so I could switch out if I wanted.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase, it shipped fast and is quite lovely. That being said though I didn’t get a shipping notice and I was actually prepared to contact them today about when my order might ship, but then lo and behold I got a text from DHL telling me my package was going to be delivered. So in the end I would recommend them and I would probably buy from them again if they had some things I liked, for the price it can’t be beat!

Withdoll Taren’s Box Opening!

So, my Taren arrived somewhat unexpectedly today. I knew from tracking that he had landed in Chicago and I figured that since it was a holiday that I shouldn’t expect him until Monday, but lo and behold he suddenly appeared here today and on Black Friday no less, haha. Anyway I shall now dispense with the photos.


Well hello there shipping box. 😉


And the actual doll box. Withdoll has a nice simple box with their logo stamped on top. For some reason a simple brown box is always appealing to me. Maybe it’s because it has a eco feel, or maybe it’s because The Sound of Music taught me that brown paper packages tied up with string are good times. XD


And inside the box is the funny doll shaped foam cut-out, heehee. He also came with an extra set of hands (in different poses) and a nice pair of acrylic eyes by Glib in a hazel color.


And removing the foam we get the first view of Taren snugly packed and without eyes lol.


Here’s a shot of his default face-up…this is the softer type A face-up on realskin UV. Overall it was what I was expecting, though the lower lashes are a bit more subdued, which is perfect actually. The brow is a bit lighter and the lips a bit less pink, but it is ok and really it’s a quality face-up. The eyes are the Glib ones I received with the order since the aqua colored glass eyes I selected for him were too large despite being 12mm. TAT I may experiment with 10mm eyes for him, since I think the 12mm fill up just a bit too much of the eye for me.


Here he is next to my Lusis. I like the way they look together, I think their scale is perfect. I’d also like to point out that he’s wearing M3 studio jeans that fit him well. Unfortunately I do not have a shirt for him yet. ^^; I intend to make a t-shirt for him soon. I’m not sure what I think of the wig I bought for him. I still have to mess with it some more. I am thinking though that he might look a bit better in black.


And here’s a group shot of him with both of my MSD sized girls. You can kind of see how the realskin UV compares tone wise with Dollmore resin and Unoa resin, though both my Sona and my Lusis have some yellowing.

I’d also like to mention that I am really pleased with how my Taren poses. He is not strung super tight like some companies so he can hold half bent arm poses without slapping himself in the face. His knee joints too are well constructed as he can stand with one knee half bent in a very natural pose. The upper torso joint is also very smooth working and I like how the hand is magnetized and you can twist it off for an easy changeout with the spare hands. Now I hope that they come out with more option hands to buy like fists and pointing hands because I would have a lot of fun with it!! Overall I have to say that this doll is exceedingly well constructed, especially for the price. I have not had a doll who posed so well out of the box without needing sueding. You will wait a good 3-4 months to get a doll from Withdoll, but when it arrives I think you will be very pleased.

Unoa and Dollmore Kid Comparison


Someone on DoA requested a comparison shot of a Dollmore Kid with other MSD sized dolls, particularly how the slim MSDs like Narin and Unoa looked together, and I was happy to oblige. I thought I would go ahead and expand on the comparison shot a little bit for my blog though in case it might be helpful to others.

So first of all you can see how my Lusis has a slimmer waistline and is more in proportion with an adult female. Overall the bodies are nearly the same length, Sona just has a slightly longer neck which makes her appear a tiny bit taller than the Unoa. However Sona’s arms are a bit longer than the Unoa and her hands are definitely larger. Overall these two girls as they are can share loose fitting clothing like dresses and shirts.

Unoa has a larger bust, but Sona makes up for that in overall girth. Basically all of the Dollmore kid is just a little larger in girth than the Unoa, but this goes doubly do for the thighs near the ball joint. Dollmore kids kind of have “thunder thighs” lol. Anyway because of the differences in the thigh and hip area, they aren’t particularly suited to share pants, but you can get away with some skirt sharing, and possibly even loose short sharing if you are into that kinds of look.

Lastly, Dollmore Kids have huge feet. You can clearly see the size difference in the picture. Really I think Dollmore Kids must have some of the largest feet on an MSD because it is not uncommon to buy shoes that would work for an SD or SD13 girl and have them work on the kids.

Well I think that’s about it for my comparison chatter. I won’t discuss resin comparison because A) My Unoa is blushed, B) My Unoa has some yellowing and C) My lighting blew out Sona a little bit because I don’t consider her that white!!

New Kemper Wigs and Eyes Arrived.

I ordered a handful of Kemper’s mohair doll wigs last week and they arrived today, so I had some fun trying the different colors and styles on my MSD gals. The wigs I purchased were the Giselle mohair in medium brown in both sizes 6-7 and 2-3, the 2-3 being for my Brownie which I will get to later, and lastly I ordered the Raven mohair in medium brown and carrot colors, both size 6-7. Above, Sona is wearing the Raven medium brown, and I love how it looks on her, though I was tinkering with the levels of the image in photoshop so it appears a bit darker in the pic than it does in person. Yara is wearing the same shade, but in the Giselle style, and lastly my Unoa Lusis is wearing the Raven wig in carrot, though again the adjusted colors make the wig appear more red.

So, here are my overall impressions of these wigs. First of all the 6-7 Raven wigs fit both Unoa and my Dollmore Kid Sona very well with no problems, but I was really kind of sad to find that it was difficult to get this style of wig to fit on my AE Yara. 🙁 It seemed like the room was there in the headcap, but perhaps because of the shape of the cap or the shape of my Yara’s head, the wig just kept popping right off. I really wanted Yara to be able to wear the Raven carrot mohair, because she was really the doll I had in mind when I ordered it. I am however going to maybe play around with the wig and perhaps add some velcro to Yara’s headcap to see if perhaps it might help any. What’s weird is that the Giselle style wig is just a scootch bigger in the wig cap and therefore can be worn by all 3 dolls, however I just wasn’t as fond of that one. The chocolate color, or medium brown shade as listed on the site is a really gorgeous dark brown. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed by the shade of dark brown, and the Raven wigs are especially soft. Both Sona and Lusis look really good in the medium brown Raven wig, so it’s going to be difficult to choose which gets to wear it. ^^; As for the carrot color…I guess I was hoping for something a little more red like in the picture I took, but in actuality the carrot mohair from kemper is more of a natural redhead, copper sort of tone. I may consider experimenting with dying the wig, but that will have to wait for later.

Last but not least my little Brownie Haha got a new wig too, and oh I just find it super adorable. The wig she is wearing the the Giselle mohair, medium brown in size 2-3. When I first saw this wig in it’s package I had a squee moment because I could already tell it didn’t have that odd bulk that a lot of tiny wigs can have, but then when I tried to fit it on her I realized that it was going to be problematic. ^^;; I’m not sure if the size 2-3 in this style is just a skootch small or whether it’s just a matter of headcap shape and dealing with such a tiny head, but the wig wanted to pop off. Because I really loved the wig I spent some time gently stretching it, and I added a small piece of double sided tape to my Brownie’s headcap to help the wig stay on. Just doing this apparently worked because the wig fits her fine now. I’m so in love with this wig because I feel that finally I have something that looks natural for a tiny doll her size. It’s not overly bulky, and the hair is fine enough to be passable scale wise. I’m still curious how the 3-4 might fit a Brownie, but I’m so pleased with this wig that I don’t foresee buying any new wigs for her for a long time. 🙂

So, there’s my adventures with Kemper wigs for what it’s worth. I do love their mohair, and their acrylic eyes also surprised me with how nice of quality they are, especially for the price!! So yay! Another good order fulfilled by Kemper. 🙂

Yara’s bad face-up and Sona’s new to her wig.

I wanted to give my Yara a new face-up, this time something a little bolder and with fresher colors, and well it turned out bolder all right, but it started heading in a direction that I ended up not liking. After having already wiped and re-primed twice because of eyebrow flubs, I decided to just continue with my third attempt since the brows turned out fine. In the end though I think it’s too garish and I have way too many little flubs and blunders all through the entire face-up. I’m going to wipe her face again soon and re-do it, but I probably won’t be able to get to it again for a few days, so she’s like she is for now. Anyhow I thought I’d post this bad face-up for posterity or something. XD

Also, Sona’s newness has wore off enough so I thought I would finally remove her original wig which was velcroed on by dollmore. I had bought this short blunt cut wig for her back when I first ordered her and I wasn’t positive I would get the wig I wanted. After trying it on her I think I’ll keep it on her for a while since the cut has a schoolgirl vibe to it that I think suits her well, and it’s also easier to manage.

Still thinking about new dolls as in my previous post, but every time I consider making a large frivolous purchase I always have to argue with myself over it for a week or so before I come to any conclusions. I did however take my DIM Danbi out of his box this afternoon, mostly with the intention of checking his condition for sale. After getting him out and looking him over and being newly shocked by his size again, I think I decided I should keep him because although he’s not double jointed, it is a nice body sculpt, so IF I did order the Ash fullset there could be the possibility of him using the DIM body which I think looks a little more manly than the mudoll body sculpt. Argh! Listen to me, I am still seriously considering it! o(>3<;)o