Finished a Unoa/MSD denim jumper set. :)

So I finally finished that denim jumper set I was talking about earlier in the month and I’m super happy with it. 😀 Also if it is now available for sale in my etsy shop! The full set includes: denim jumper, t-shirt, over knee socks, legwarmers and a flower brooch. Anyhoot on with the preview pics. After finishing this set I kinda started becoming obsessed with making little fabric flower brooches, lol. They are so tiny and hard to make, but in the end you have something really pretty so all the time is worthwhile. 😀 Bookmark on Delicious … Continue Reading →

New YOSD items in my Etsy shop!

I just updated my etsy shop with two new YoSD sized items. You can now get the off-shoulder pink elephant raglan in YoSD size and I introduce to you “Rabby Pillows”! Rabby pillows are cute rabbit shaped pillows for your YoSD kids to cuddle up to at night. Sadly though I think I may have lost my pattern for the Rabby pillows, so these two will be the last ever (TAT). With that said, if you like them be sure to snap them up! They are available in pink with red trim or purple with pink trim. Please enjoy the … Continue Reading →

Unoa and MSD Denim Jumper Project

I saw a really cute denim jumper dress online for people that hung below the bust and I wanted to try to see if I could create something similar for Unoa and my other MSD sized girls. Below is the fruits of my labor! 🙂 It took me a few tries on muslin to get the pattern cut correct and in this picture is my finished prototype in denim. I really like the red topstitching over the dark denim. I am also hoping that it’s baggy/roomy enough without being too roomy. The original people sized jumper dress was pretty roomy … Continue Reading →

Added Unoa and MSD clothing to my etsy!

Oh man, so I haven’t been able to find the time to blog as much about all the sewing I’ve been doing lately, so surprise! I have 3 different outfit sets and a couple separates listed on etsy that you can buy. The majority of the clothing is for Unoa, but some of the items will also fit your regular MSD sized girls as well. I’m pretty excited about some of these, so let me get on with a couple preview pictures. I think this set is my favorite. I really love how the poncho top looks on my Lulu. … Continue Reading →

Preventing clothing dyes from staining your doll.

After my incident where I had to scrub my new resin baby’s butt since the cotton fabric from the new clothes he was wearing left black marks on him, I decided it was high time I did something about the clothing to prevent it from happening again. Now everyone will tell you to wash your clothes before putting them on your doll to get excess dyes out of the clothing, and this is a good practice because a lot of the time it’s the excess dye that is the problem and not the fabric. However, everyone and their mother’s sister’s … Continue Reading →