Monster High Customs Progress part 3

So, now we move on to the face painting portion of my customizing process. In order to keep the hair safe from the matte sealer you have to wrap it up in something. I noticed some people use old latex gloves for this, so I thought I’d give it a try. I ended up cutting out the tip of the thumb in a glove and shoving the head down from the hand portion of the glove until the face was properly exposed through the hole in the thumb. One of the drawbacks to painting the face last is naturally you … Continue Reading →

Monster High Customs Progress part 2

Ok, here is part 2 of my customs progress. This section is going to mostly be about the cutting and styling of the hair, and then the face painting will be in the last and final installment. Well then, let’s just jump right in shall we? 😉 So, styling….One thing you will want to do is to tamp down your part thatch in place and aside from pouring boiling water over the head as I did with my first custom, you can also use a hot iron to set the hair in place. You will need a curling iron and … Continue Reading →

Monster High Customs Progress Part 1

So I’m finally getting around to blogging about this, *sigh*, just too many things to do in a day. Anyway I’m splitting this posting into 3 separate posts since the whole rerooting and painting process is really long and it also might help compartmentalize things. I think a lot of my working process hasn’t changed much since the last time I did one of these, but hopefully you won’t find it too redundant and maybe even helpful, le gasp! Ok, so I’m going to start off with the ripping everything apart phase, lol. First thing you need to do is … Continue Reading →

More Customs Fodder!

Over the last weekend when my cousin was in town I picked up a couple more Monster High dolls to do some repainting and rerooting on. Clawdeen hs been waiting to be customized for a while, but Draculaura and Catrine are the new dolls. I was actually so excited to see Catrine. I feel like I never see the “special” dolls that much. For example it’s rare for me to find Nefertari. It may be because I live in a large suburb of a city so product moves fast. Anyhow, speaking of fast I intend to try to start customizing … Continue Reading →

Monster High Re-root Progress

So the above pic is a series of progression shots through my reroot. I’m not going to go into an in-depth reroot tutorial because I already posted a list to reroot tutorials in a previous post here. Basically I started in the back using the reroot tool and filled up each hole. I saved the bangs until the end so it would be easier to keep them separate from the rest of the hair. Also, naturally you save the part thatching for the very last. Part thatching is probably the hardest part of a reroot, but there is also a … Continue Reading →