I’m selling my AE Yara.

I decided it was time to sell my Asleep Eidolon Yara since she has spent many years in a box. ^^;; I feel kinda bad, but I think it’s because I am no longer as much into the larger “anime eyed” style dolls as I used to be when I was younger. She’s still a pretty cute girl though and I hope someone will give her a better home, because she deserves some fun!. (T_T;;) Anyway my sale thread is up on DoA here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?606193-Asleep-Eidolon-AE-Asleep-Eidolon-Yara-MSD-%28Normal-Skin%29-150-shipped&p=10497863#post10497863 You must be logged in and have marketplace access to be able to see it.


She will come with the curly blonde wig, green glass eyes, ecru star dress, spare jeans, and her original default acrylic eyes and her authentication card. I also still have her pink storage box so she will come shipped in that. I’m asking $150 shipped for her.




Mature MSD – Withdoll Boys

I’m always on the quest to find more MSD dolls that are more mature in looks and less child like, even moreso now that I have my Unoa Lusis. Of course my small MSD collection is lacking in males, because whereas it’s fairly easy to find female sculpts that are more mature looking in both body and headsculpt, for some reason the majority of boy sculpts remain too young looking in the face but often will have a mature and buff body (which is just odd if you ask me). It seems like only within the past couple years that more male sculpts with a more mature looking face have started to be created.

I only recently discovered Withdoll within the past week or so after having followed a thread on DoA about mature MSD that had a link to the withdoll website. I was really pleasantly surprised that they have quite a selection of Mature minis annnnnd mature looking male face sculpts! Of course they have some lovely girls as well as guys, but this posting is going to focus on the boys.


The first doll on the site that I was taken with was Aiden, who is in the pic above. Of course I am a complete sucker for dolls with dark hair and dark eyes, so naturally his picture would attract me first. 😉 His default face-up is quite lovely as well, which always helps for first impressions.

You can order their dolls in normal skin, white, skin, rosy white (which is pinky like Zaoll resin), and last but not least realskin UV. The realskin UV has special sunscreens inside the resin that helps belay the “yellowing” or discoloration that happens over time and with exposure to the sun. Other colors are also available, such as tan, gray and etc…but those specialty colors are only available during special event periods. Another thing that is really nice about Withdolls is they come with an additonal set of hands. All of the hands have really beautiful poses and the sculpt has really lovely details.


The second doll I found myself taken with was Taren. You can get him in your choice of two different default face-ups. The face-up above really impressed me as it makes the doll look really soulfull. I’m not sure I’m fond of so many lashes on the lower lid, but it’s still a very beautiful face-up. I also really like Taren’s narrow eyes which depending on face up can be relaxed, sad or even angry.

Currently there is a sale even going on at Withdoll. You can purchase dolls until August 31st at 20% off! It’s quite a good discount really for dolls, and it’s made it really tempting to order. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t seriously considering Taren or Aiden right now, lol. I think I probably would have already ordered one if it weren’t for the fact that I just can’t seem to decide between them. ^^;; It doesn’t help that there aren’t a lot of owner pictures of these dolls yet since they are relatively new.

Well, until I can make a decision I will probably be haunting the Withdoll discussion thread on DoA for a while. And now I will leave you with the link to Withdoll so you can check out all of the beauties for yourself. 🙂


Unoa and MSD Denim Jumper Project

I saw a really cute denim jumper dress online for people that hung below the bust and I wanted to try to see if I could create something similar for Unoa and my other MSD sized girls. Below is the fruits of my labor! 🙂


It took me a few tries on muslin to get the pattern cut correct and in this picture is my finished prototype in denim. I really like the red topstitching over the dark denim. I am also hoping that it’s baggy/roomy enough without being too roomy. The original people sized jumper dress was pretty roomy looking! Also the original human sized jumper had a distressed look. I may start researching how to distress denim so I can have more variety in my denim outfits.

I should also mention that the gray t-shirt is also another prototype. It’s a simple pattern that I added a collar ruffle to and I sewed a few seed beads on for sparkle. I might like to try to find more silvery looking beads though, perhaps there will be some sales tomorrow! Eventually I plan to make a denim jumper set to sell on etsy, so if you like this outfit, you may keep an eye out for it. 😉

Unoa and Dollmore Kid Comparison


Someone on DoA requested a comparison shot of a Dollmore Kid with other MSD sized dolls, particularly how the slim MSDs like Narin and Unoa looked together, and I was happy to oblige. I thought I would go ahead and expand on the comparison shot a little bit for my blog though in case it might be helpful to others.

So first of all you can see how my Lusis has a slimmer waistline and is more in proportion with an adult female. Overall the bodies are nearly the same length, Sona just has a slightly longer neck which makes her appear a tiny bit taller than the Unoa. However Sona’s arms are a bit longer than the Unoa and her hands are definitely larger. Overall these two girls as they are can share loose fitting clothing like dresses and shirts.

Unoa has a larger bust, but Sona makes up for that in overall girth. Basically all of the Dollmore kid is just a little larger in girth than the Unoa, but this goes doubly do for the thighs near the ball joint. Dollmore kids kind of have “thunder thighs” lol. Anyway because of the differences in the thigh and hip area, they aren’t particularly suited to share pants, but you can get away with some skirt sharing, and possibly even loose short sharing if you are into that kinds of look.

Lastly, Dollmore Kids have huge feet. You can clearly see the size difference in the picture. Really I think Dollmore Kids must have some of the largest feet on an MSD because it is not uncommon to buy shoes that would work for an SD or SD13 girl and have them work on the kids.

Well I think that’s about it for my comparison chatter. I won’t discuss resin comparison because A) My Unoa is blushed, B) My Unoa has some yellowing and C) My lighting blew out Sona a little bit because I don’t consider her that white!!

Momocolor’s Emma

When I was browsing the news posts at BJDcollectasy the other day I noticed the posting for the doll company Momocolor. The face shape of the doll reminded me a little of Pullip, being so big and round, so I decided to read more and holy cow, look at that adorable body for the doll!! She’s a little on the tall side for a yosd range doll at a height of 29cm, but she is really nicely proportioned for a yosd range mature tiny. I’m going to have to keep this one on my “to watch” list. I’m curious to see what other head sculpts the company will come up with and also what the first round of owners of these cuties will think of them. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they have a discussion thread on DoA I can haunt, lol.

In other dolly news, I have now made my first foray into the yosd sized dolly world. Just a couple days ago I purchased a Slinky Neko Borry Pennybrite fullset off a seller on DoA and I am anxiously awaiting her arrival. If I had seen the Momocolor dolls before my purchase they definitely would have been in the running! I looked over so many different yosd sized dolls and there are still many sculpts out there I love, so I can foresee owning more than one yosd eventually. My other favorites were the Bambicrony and Aidolls, but even Luts had some cuties and I still have a soft spot for Dollzone’s big eyed Sis. Argh, so many dollies and not enough money!! XP

Momocolor’s website: http://www.momocolor.com/