New Craft Book Arrived

While I was ordering my brother’s birthday gift on Amazon, I went ahead and ordered myself this adorable “Felt Friends from Japan” book. I think it was the felt fawn on the front that really sold it for me, but it also boasts 86 toys and accessories you can make yourself. I haven’t had a chance to make anything out of the book yet since I’m still trying to finish the miniature dishes I posted about earlier, but the book looks very promising This book has a nice mix of toy patterns as well as accessory patterns for things like … Continue Reading →

Dolly Dolly Volume 16 Arrived!

Actually my Dolly Dolly book arrived on Saturday, and I just now got around to scanning in the page that features the MSD clothes. Anyway the pic to the left features the separates you can make in MSD size, to see a bigger pic, just click the pic. There are also a lot of other doll patterns in this book for other sized dolls, but you could definitely resize the patterns to fit any doll. There are lots of other cool DIY stuff in this book as well. There is a whole feature on making fake sweets for your dolls, … Continue Reading →

Dolly Dolly Volume 16

I ordered a copy of Dolly Dolly Vol. 16 from Bk1 tonight. I had been interested in the book ever since I knew it had a wealth of MSD sized patterns in it. Bk1 says it will be 1-3 days before it ships, but now right after I ordered it, the site says 7-21 days! I sincerely hope that for me it’s the 1-3 days, and it’s just in a warehouse somewhere. I’ve ordered from Bk1 before though and they’ve never done me wrong, so I will remain hopeful that I will have my book sometime by the end of … Continue Reading →