I’m selling my AE Yara.

I decided it was time to sell my Asleep Eidolon Yara since she has spent many years in a box. ^^;; I feel kinda bad, but I think it’s because I am no longer as much into the larger “anime eyed” style dolls as I used to be when I was younger. She’s still a pretty cute girl though and I hope someone will give her a better home, because she deserves some fun!. (T_T;;) Anyway my sale thread is up on DoA here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?606193-Asleep-Eidolon-AE-Asleep-Eidolon-Yara-MSD-%28Normal-Skin%29-150-shipped&p=10497863#post10497863 You must be logged in and have marketplace access to be able to see it. … Continue Reading →

Yara’s bad face-up and Sona’s new to her wig.

I wanted to give my Yara a new face-up, this time something a little bolder and with fresher colors, and well it turned out bolder all right, but it started heading in a direction that I ended up not liking. After having already wiped and re-primed twice because of eyebrow flubs, I decided to just continue with my third attempt since the brows turned out fine. In the end though I think it’s too garish and I have way too many little flubs and blunders all through the entire face-up. I’m going to wipe her face again soon and re-do … Continue Reading →

Tiny BJD – AE Chocolate

I hadn’t been BJD browsing in a while, so I decided to go check out Mint on Card, which is where I got my Asleep Eidolon BJD, and I was surprised to see how many new BJD AE has been coming out with! I already knew they had started a tinies line with Cookie and Soda, but it seems now that they have really filled out their models! While I was there I totally fell in love with the little girl in the pic. She’s called Chocolate, and I just love those bit round eyes and tiny diminished nose. For … Continue Reading →

Dollmore & Asleep Eidolon Resin Comparison

After getting my Sona out of her box, one of the first things I wanted to do was to see how the tint of Dollmore’s resin compared to Asleep Eidolon’s resin. The Dollmore kid body lacks the mature features that many of the other female MSD bodies have, so there are many Dollmore kid owners who have been pondering how they can get a more mature body for their girls. Of course I am in no hurry to hybridize my Sona because she is just to perfect to me right now, but perhaps after her newness wears off I may … Continue Reading →

New Mohair Wigs

It’s not the best picture because it’s overcast and rainy today, and well I didn’t put much effort into the picture, but my mohair wigs from Kemper Dolls finally showed up today. I bought this little 6-7 carrot mohair wig in a cute bob style to try on my AE Yara, and I bought another one in black in a 7-8 for my Dollmore Sona when she arrives. I think the shorter hair style makes makes my Yara look older, which was the goal. When I first put it on I wasn’t really so sure about the wig, but it’s … Continue Reading →