Dolly Find – Costume Hair!

The restaurant we had dinner at tonight also happened to have a Dollar Tree in the same plaza with it, so after dinner I went in there to have a browse to see what kind of doll things they may have, and lo and behold I found these dress up hair headbands in there. I’m unsure as to what the fiber is as of yet, but I suspect it’s either nylon or kanekalon. The fiber is coarse but very soft, and to be frank, it’s no more coarse than an Iplehouse wig I have. The color on these two is an interesting plum-pink color that can change a little bit depending on lighting, the pic on the left shows more of the true color. Each headband has I would say roughly 2 long hanks of hair on it, which does not include the braid that follows the headband. At a dollar each I figure these will be perfect fodder for my first attempt in trying to weft and make my own custom doll wig. I’m not sure how long these will be in the stores, or how long Dollar Tree keeps stock of things, so if you are interested you’d better get out there and grab some! They also had blonde, brunette and a natural redhead.

Dolly Find – Clearance Liv Wigs

I always knew about the Liv wigs as I had seen them in the doll aisle many times before, but I never bothered with them because I had always felt they were too expensive for what they were. However Target has started to clearance off some of their Liv wigs and clothing (probably they are summer goods), and at $4 the price became agreeable enough for me to try one out. I will go ahead and write up a review of sorts, but just be sure to keep in mind that this is my first experience with a Liv wig, and I have heard that not all Liv wigs are created equal.

So, first thing out of the box I was surprised to find that the Liv wigs are basically Kanekalon or Saran doll hair that has been rooted onto what amounts to a cheap non-stretchy silicon cap. The part that surprised me was the fact that in a way it’s kind of like buying a scalp. The fiber of the wig is soft and shiny enough, but unfortunately as you will soon see below in the picture that this wig is VERY THINLY ROOTED.

As you can see, there is an unseemly gap at the top of the wig where when the hair falls to either side it reveals a large bald spot. I am imagining that it is difficult to root anything in that area due to the peg which I will get to later, but still, I mean I’ve seen cheap $5 Barbies with better rooted hair than this wig.

Now here is the wig flipped inside out, you can clearly see how it is rooted, and you can clearly see the peg I was talking about. Again I think this picture illustrates just how thinly these things are rooted, but more importantly I want to focus on the peg for now. If you aren’t familiar with them like I was, the peg may come as a surprise. Apparently the Liv dolls and some Monster High dolls come with a slot in their head for the peg to fit and thusly it helps keep the wig on during play. It’s actually a pretty good idea for a playline doll considering how rough the younger girls play with their dollies. However it is obviously going to get in the way if you want to use it on a BJD or another type of doll that has no special slot. The good news is you can clip the peg off quite easily with a good pair of snips or household scissors.

So, with the peg out of the way, the first thing I wanted to do was to try it on my Slinky Neko tiny as I had heard that Liv wigs worked well on Lati Yellow and Pukifee sized heads, and my Slinky Neko girl has a similar sized head with a 5.5 inch circumference. As you can see from the photo, the wig did not fit at all. If the cap had been at all stretchy it probably would have, but the caps on the Liv wigs are surprisingly stiff and unforgiving. So the thing to keep in mind here is that for Pukifees, Slinky Neko babies and other tinies with close to a 5.5 inch head circumference, these wigs will absolutely NOT fit. I am wondering though that perhaps if the doll had a head closer to 5.25 inches then maybe the wig might work, but 5.5 and above, no.
On the bright side though, these wigs work very well on the Monster High dolls. This wig even fits with Draculaura still with her default hair in, which you can see below.

So, here’s my final thoughts on Liv wigs. Initially I was disappointed by their poor quality, but for $4, I mean what can you expect really. The fiber on the wig is quite nice and the style is also pleasantly modern. For now I’ve decided I will be working with this wig and I ordered a hank of Kanekalon which I hope will match well enough so I can fill the wig out more and cover up bald spots. Most people won’t do this I realize, but I’ve been in the mood to reroot lately so it doesn’t bother me. In the end it comes down to this, for a play wig for young girls, this is an excellent bargain. For a doll collector who expects high quality out of their goods, this wig is horrible, a fixer-upper if you will. If you like a fixer-upper, then by all means go for it, if you don’t, then stay far far away, lol. I still however would not pay full price for such a thing…clearance only for sure!!

Website “Window Shopping” XD – Mandarake

So I guess I’m “re-discovering” Mandarake after hearing someone gush about a new dolly purchase they made through them. Considering I’m always late to the party it seems, I’m sure everyone knows about this place, but if you don’t then keep reading, heck keep reading even if you do know cause it’s fun! 😀

I had already known about Mandarake and in fact I had ordered used manga from them back in the day when I was a more avid collector of manga. Apparently however back then I never bothered with any other sections of their site, and in truth I was not much interested in dolls back then either. Now that I am revisiting I am discovering they have this huge inventory of pre-owned toys and dolls, that I have been happily browsing for about an hour. In my idle browsing I have discovered that they sell a great deal of second hand Pullips, Dals and Blythes among other things. The Pullips and such though I found surprising because for example I saw a hard to find old Namu doll still in his box going for about $80ish, and an old Pullip Street going for a little less. Now I know that many collectors have paid quite a lot more for those dollies before, and even presuming you tack on EMS shipping, I think you’ll still pay less than you would finding those dolls on the secondhand market here in the US. With this said I think it’s possible to get a good dolly deal if you know what you’re looking for and keep track of the going market.

Aside from finding the occasional bargain, Mandarake also appears to have lots of vintage doll goods. There’s plenty of old school Liccas and Jennies to go around as well as a bunch of older dolls I don’t even recognize. Of course Mandarake knows when they have a good vintage item, so there will be no bargains there….then again I don’t know the going rate for a lot of those types of dolls, so I could be wrong. There’s also a ton of other little toys and knick knacks piled onto those pages, for example I just came across an old 50s bunka style doll, and a cute little egg shaped dollhouse chair, all for reasonable prices and I know it’s nothing I can never find around here. So basically if you have time to kill and some spare moo-lah in your wallet you might go have a browse to see what you can see. 😉

Fufufu….to be honest I’m scouting for something in particular, but I’m gonna keep quiet about it so I don’t jinx anything. 😉 Here is the link: enjoy! <3

Dolly Find – Itty Bitty Clippies XD

When I was at Target the other day, I happened to notice that they have these teeny-tiny hair clips in now. You can find these in the main hair accessories/brushes aisle, which in Midwestern Target stores are located across from the shampoo. Anyway these are the smallest clips I’ve ever seen there, and they work very well for tiny BJD, and are also cute on MSD sized dolls. I haven’t tried them on any SD sized dolls yet since I only have a boy doll who does not cross-dress. XP Back to business though, these tiny hair clips are made by Goody, and they are part of their girl’s line. You get 18 clips per pack, and they are not very expensive at around $2.50 per pack.

Well, happy shopping!

Dolly/Dollhouse Find.

I saw a tip on Youtube that told of miniature cookie cutters in a packet of mini buttons at Michael’s, so I went out looking for them in the afternoon and ta-da I found them. This set is a Xmas set and is mostly mini buttons, which isn’t a bad thing if you like to make clothes for Brownies, PukiPukis or Lati Whites. The really awesome thing though is the miniature cookie cutters that come with the set that you can see shining silver in the packet. These cookie cutters aside from being good miniature fodder have the potential to be good polymer clay cutters for making your own homemade mini cookies. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but I will note that they are made of plastic which is unfortunate. Anyway when I get a chance to try them out I will be sure to make a follow up posting about it, or I will edit the information here.