More Progress on my BJD sculpting project.

So, I’ve got the lips looking more natural now, and I brought down the nose a little and gave it some more shaping. I also started rounding out the cranium in the hopes that I can get wigs to fit better on her since her head shape was a little off. My only concern with rounding out the cranium is that her head is getting a bit larger and I worry that her head may be coming more MSD size and perhaps a bit too large for her body. I won’t really know until I get a chance to lay … Continue Reading →

More Progress on my Artist BJD

So, she has ears now, yay! But one is a tick higher than the other, boooo~. So I’ll have to do some careful sanding and add itty bitty bits of clay here and there to even it out. I tried to work on the shape of her lips a little as well. I’m hoping I was able to refine it just a bit more…I really hope I’m not overworking it! ^^;;; The other thing on my to-do list for the head is to even out the eyes, since one is just a tick lower. I think I might save the … Continue Reading →

Artist BJD Progress

I’ve decided to return to my doll project after having been inspired by other artisans great looking dolls. So here is my progress on “Cookie” who is looking less to me like a Cookie the more I work on her, haha. Anyhow since this picture was taken I’ve made her upper lip a little less thin and have been endeavoring to make the lips look a little less pinched/pursed. I think I am on the right track, but I will see after I post this latest bit up for critique in a doll making forum I frequent. I plan on … Continue Reading →

Sleepy eyed tinies

I am such a fan of the sleepy/dreamy eyed tinies, and this new Rustle of Spring Modigli is no exception! Aside from mooning over MSDs, I’ve also been researching and considering getting a 20-30cm tiny that I could use with “The Big House”. XD The sleepy eyed Modigli has I think just the right amount of openess in her eyes if that makes sense. Her eyes are closed enough to have a sweetly dreamy look, but also open enough to let the eyes shine. Modigili’s lips also have nice volume and pout to boot. 😀 The only thing I find … Continue Reading →

Dollmore Lukia Dolls

I just noticed the news posting about these two girls on BJD Collectasy, and I’m so excited about these cuties that I thought I’d post about them here as well. These new girls named Coral and Sky are only 32 cm tall, but have mature bodies that seem reminiscent of obitsu bodies. The oversized head for me also screams Pullip, and the lips seem like they have a little Dal pout going on. Unlike Pullip and obitsu though, these dolls are resin cast. Because I’m curious to know if these girls will be able to wear fashion doll clothing, I … Continue Reading →