2015 Dolly Goals

Since I have sorely neglected my dollyblog this year and so many people are creating their 2015 doll goals, I thought maybe I should also make a list as maybe it will help me keep on track and not forget my dollies this year. ><;; Actually there was a lot of dolly stuff that happened in 2014, but I either instagrammed it or tumblr’d it, or what have you. So I will quickly recap the things I missed blogging about here before I list my goals.

First off, the big thing was I saved and finally purchased my Supia Zion during their summer event and also received Giyom’s event head. I collected eyes, wig, clothing and etc.. for him but I have yet to paint his face. The second most important thing is that I was able to get a Merry Doll Round Fang head! I’ve loved that sculpt since I first saw it, but I thought the artist had abandoned doll making, but no she has come back and I am more than pleased to have my Fang, even without a body and faceless, lol. You can see a box opening pic for the head on my instagram here: My Fang Box Opening! Lastly I went crazy on heads last year because I also bought a Granado Jaden head that I just fell in love with. He is a mature Asian looking man, and I just couldn’t resist. Alas he is still faceless and bodyless as well lol. This brings me now to the new year and my goals are as follows:

1 – Most importantly I want to be able to allow myself more “dolly time”! Since I am going to adopt a new approach to my well being by giving myself a “gift” every day, I have decided that giving myself dolly time on any given day would be a good gift. So I will endeavor to give myself more free time rather than being so hard focused on drawing every second of the day. ><;;

2 – I want to improve my photography skills and actually make an effort to bring out all my SD sized room box and props. If I don’t do a full blown doll photoshoot with my props at least twice this year I will consider this goal a failure. (‘x’)

3 – Give face-ups to my blank heads and improve my face-up skills. I plan to start with Zion since he has a body and then move on to Fang next. Ultimately I am considering using the Giyom head to practice face-ups on, but I also see a lot of potential in his sculpt and should he happen to turn out fantastically one day, he may wind up being more than a practice head.

4 – Finish the rehab on the 1/12th scale dollhouse my grandfather made for me when I was a child. Yes, that poor house is sitting unfinished on a bookshelf next to my bed. I can look over at it every night and it looks like a tiny haunted house with all of the windows out and tools strewn about inside.

5 – In the same vein as the dollhouse rehab, I would also like to make a lot more props for all scales of dolls in the new year. I would like to build a 1/3rd scale table and chairs as well as try my hand at making various faux foodstuffs out of sculpey, and anything else that comes to mind.

6 – Finish incomplete monster high repaints. I have at least one wiped head and another doll lying around waiting to be customized. I would like to finish those customs and improve my face-painting skills. Also if I can swing it, I’d like to redo the face of my Clawdeen which I have never been perfectly happy with.

7 – I’d like to be able to add to all of my dolly wardrobes either by sewing clothes myself or purchasing some items. Money will be tight this year however since I have an art goal to get a cintiq which takes precedence over dolly things since this is more of a hobby for me.

8 – I’d also like to have another go at trying to sculpt my own doll this year. I have a few sketched plans lying about, and a few new ideas for an adult doll in roughly 1/6th scale that can be used in dioramas.

9 – If it is at all financially possible after meeting my cintiq goal, I would like to finally get a body for my Little Rebel Seven head. He’s been sitting all painted up in his box too long. (T_T) I am leaning towards a Spiritdoll elegance body for him mainly because of the three jointed torso, but I still really love Dollstown’s 60cm boy body.

10 – Lastly, just to round this off at 10, even though this could be included with number 1, I’d like to not neglect this blog as much. If I can find something to post about at least once a month, I’d consider it a success.

So, I think that’s it for most of my goals for the year. I don’t honestly think I will be able to make all of them, but at least seeing my plans laid out, I can attempt to knock as much off the list as I can, and anything not accomplished can become the following years goals….got to start somewhere! 😉