Latest Project – Unoa Jeans

unoajeansworkSo, I’ve been working on a pair of Unoa sized jeans, and they have proven to be very frustrating. I am using the Unoa jeans pattern in Dolly Dolly 6 (The coordinate recipe thing). Anyway the instructions have you doing the waistband in a rather strange and fanciful way which I am still trying to wrap my head around. I gave up on trying to do the fly their way and just came up with my own way, which in the end made the waistband pattern piece too short, so I had to cut a new, longer one. My other issues with the jeans right now is that they are a little bit too big. I know that the Unoa dolls measurements are just a tiny bit bigger than the AE minis, so apparently that single centimeter in the hips matters just enough. :p

I really, really hate sewing jeans to be honest. I would much rather just buy them, but alas I lack the funds. Maybe I would like sewing jeans better if I had more practice with them so I could just belt them out like I do shirts. It would also probably help if I liked the material I was working with a little more. I picked the pale jean material up because it was on the remnants rack and the remnants were 50% off that day. Oh well, I should probably get back to work on these so I can actually finish them sometime this century. :p

New Wig

newwig01Well my second try at finding a better wig for my AE Yara looks like it may be panning out. Since all of the 7-8 sized wigs I had purchased previously were too large for her, I decided to step down to a size smaller. I purchased this 6-7 JpopDolls wig, which I believe was the Jrock style in blush. In the picture it looks very pink, and the wig does have some pink in it, but in person it is not quite so pink.

Anyway back to the size issues….At first when I tried to put this wig on my Yara, it was too small!! So I was really irritated, but then after having some lunch I decided to go work with the wig and try to get it stretched out some since the ad for this particular wig said that it could stretch to 7.5. After working with it, and using the rubber band trick to keep the wig in place, I was finally able to get it over her head. Right now I am just leaving her be, in the hopes that the longer the wig is on her the more it will stretch and conform to her head.

In the end, I have to say that maybe 6-7 wigs are the way to go for the AE minis since their heads are closer to Unoa size. The bangs come to the right length, and don’t get mussed up in her eyelashes. Anyway this will be the last wig I will be buying for a while now since I already went through 3. :p

Asleep Eidolon Sculpt – Col

col7There are some Asleep Eidolon sculpts that intrigue me, and one of them is Col who is pictured to the left. Her eyes I find are really wide set, which adds this certain something that is both odd and fascinating at the same time. Either way I find her rather unique and I like her quite a lot, so when I am in the market for a SD13 sized girl, she will definitely be on my list to consider. I think what helped seal my like for this doll though were the few lovely images I found of her on flickr in a dark haired wig. She looks quite fetching in dark hair and dark eyes.

AE Yara – Wig Woes

yarawigwoesThe wig I ordered off of a very nice seller on DoA arrived today. It’s a really nice wig, BUT…..It doesn’t fit my AE Yara!!! D: This is the second 7/8 wig that I’ve tried that does not work with my mini AE Yara. The first one I figured the problem was that it was old and cheap, but this new wig is a very nice Volks wig. I measured both of my wigs and they both measure exactly 7 inches. The mini Yara head measures just a scootch over 7 inches, so in theory these wigs should work, but they do not.

I posted about my woes in the AE mini thread on DoA, and it was suggested that I find wigs made for Unoa. So now, in my last ditch effort to have a decent wig (cause I’m out of money), I ordered a 6/7 Jpop dolls wig that was advertised as fitting Unoa/Narae so I am keeping my fingers crossed that when this wig comes in that it will work. According to the advert this wig also stretches to 7.5 inches, so I think I should be safe……*fingers crossed*

In other news my Dolly Dolly Volume 16 shipped yesterday, but shipping was a bitch. XP Still though, I’m looking forward to my new book.