First Face-up Complete!

yaranewfacesmI finally finished my AE Yara’s new face-up. It’s not perfect, but I am satisfied enough with it to seal her up and apply gloss. There are a couple hidden areas that I think turned out a little blotchy because of my overworking it. Going through this I’ve learned that for next time, I won’t fuss so much, and I will use a larger brush for the overall blushing. In the end though I like her so much more now! I think she looks much less innocent, a little more spacey, and I love the new lip color. I am also thinking that she looks better with these darker eyes, though I think I need to re-adjust them again, lol.

A Sorta Face-up Removal Tutorial from a Newbie’s Perspective

yaranoface So for a while now I had been dissatisfied with my Yara’s face-up, as her eyebrows seemed too close to her eyes and her lip color was a little too bland for my tastes. Being an artist I already knew I had all of the pastels and watercolor pencils to do those nice natural face-ups you see online, so after reading some more tutorials I finally decided to take the plunge and I went out to grab a fresh can of Testors and some acrylic gloss.

So, first things first, on every tutorial you start with washing off the existing face-up. I remember that a couple of the tutorials I had seen said to just wash the face with warm water and soap, using a toothbrush for scrubbing. Well I did that and the face-up didn’t budge, not an inch! Though the eyelashes fell right out nicely after the soaking, so I picked them up and saved them for later. I remember thinking to myself that Asleep Eidolon then must seal their face-ups really well, but instead of congratulating myself on the quality of my own doll, I was instead vexed and decided to head over to DoA to find out more about removing face-ups.

On DoA the first thread I come to is recommending using Acetone to remove the face-up, but I’m like, wait a minute won’t the Acetone eat the resin? Curious though, and really wanting to remove this face-up now that I was committed, I read on. Apparently you can use Acetone or nail polish remover to remove the face-up, BUT you need to be sure to thoroughly wash off any residue, because leaving Acetone sitting on your resin will indeed ruin it. I guess there are two different camps on this issue though, those who feel you should not use Acetone, and those who think it’s ok as long as exposure is minimal and you are sure to thoroughly wash it afterwards. Desperate to get the face-up off I decided I would try some nail polish remover that had acetone in it. I did so, and slowly the face-up started deteriorating and I was able to begin to scrub it off. However there are problems with nail polish remover. First of all, if your nail polish remover has any tinting in it, it can stain your resin, and secondly it is still going to take a while and be smelly. I knew from experience with image transfers that pure Acetone would probably work better, so throwing caution to the wind I finally took some pure acetone to my dolls face and within seconds the face came clean and she is not horribly disfigured from contact with Acetone.

So in the end my advice is to screw trying to scrub a face-up off with soap and water. If you have a factory sealed face-up, it is so not coming off with soap and water, not even if you scrub it with a toothbrush or nail brush. This is good news though because it means your face-up is really resilient! Previously before I tried this I thought face-ups were much more delicate than they are. In the end, just use straight acetone which you can get cheaply at any hardware store, just be sure to wash and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Next I’ll write about my adventures with sealer and whatnot. Right now my Yara’s face has a fresh coat of Testors on it that looks like it’s ready to take pastel. Adventure! XD

New Photoshoot on Flickr


I just posted my latest photoshoot with Laika on my flickr account. I took her outside into the garden for the first time! I also posted this shoot on DoA, which subsequently is also my first time posting anything in the gallery.

Anyway enjoy the rest of the pics on my flickr.

New Wig

newwig01Well my second try at finding a better wig for my AE Yara looks like it may be panning out. Since all of the 7-8 sized wigs I had purchased previously were too large for her, I decided to step down to a size smaller. I purchased this 6-7 JpopDolls wig, which I believe was the Jrock style in blush. In the picture it looks very pink, and the wig does have some pink in it, but in person it is not quite so pink.

Anyway back to the size issues….At first when I tried to put this wig on my Yara, it was too small!! So I was really irritated, but then after having some lunch I decided to go work with the wig and try to get it stretched out some since the ad for this particular wig said that it could stretch to 7.5. After working with it, and using the rubber band trick to keep the wig in place, I was finally able to get it over her head. Right now I am just leaving her be, in the hopes that the longer the wig is on her the more it will stretch and conform to her head.

In the end, I have to say that maybe 6-7 wigs are the way to go for the AE minis since their heads are closer to Unoa size. The bangs come to the right length, and don’t get mussed up in her eyelashes. Anyway this will be the last wig I will be buying for a while now since I already went through 3. :p