Possible Doll Project – Cookie

Because I already have some Premier clay stowed away, and I had a gift card and a 50% off coupon to go get some LaDoll clay this week at Michaels, I am pondering the possibility of starting another doll making project. Yeah….I realize I never finished my first one, but I just ended up so unhappy with it, some of which I felt was due in part to the nature of super sculpey.

To be honest I’m still not completely satisfied with my sculpting abilities, but neither am I ever satisfied with my drawing or painting skills despite having gone to art school for X number of years. XP Anyhow I thought I might give it a try again. As they say, nothing ventured nothing gained, or in this case nothing sculpted no skills gained, lol.

So, this all being said, I originally thought I might try to make a slender tiny that was around 6 inches tall, but I wasn’t too pleased with the sketches I had done, so I just started another random doll head sketch that eventually turned into a roughly 12 inch/30cm doll with a mature body that looks like a “Cookie” to me. 🙂 I’m not terribly satisfied with the profile view of the doll, so I think I may post the sketches on the forums at The Joint to get some feedback on her before I start committing anything to clay.

I know her torso is a little short and I think perhaps I like it that way, but I think she would probably look nice with an elongated torso as well, but I think her proportions right now make her a little more child-like which I think adds to her cuteness. If I did elongate her torso I’d probably have to try to turn her into something closer to a 40cm doll though. The beef I have with the profile is that her head is looking too large now, and I think in my effort to remove her belly ponch and fat butt, I’ve ended up making her too think now….*sigh* I dunno. I don’t want her to have a big butt, however being a less shapely no-butt is also out of the question.

Gotta keep working…..