Star Tees – $10 each


Made for SD13 sized boys and modeled by my DIM Danbi. The shirts are made of %100 cotton and have a velcro enclosure in the back. Both of these shirts are listed through etsy where you can see more pictures of them. I will also be listing these on DoA, so you can inquire about purchase there as well. Here are the links to the goods at etsy:

Star Pocket Tee – SD13

Blue Star Tee – SD13

Aloha Bunny Plush

I’m offering Aloha Bunny up for sale again. You can purchase her through my etsy shop for $25.00.

Aloha Bunny measures approximately 10.5 inches tall from her ear tips to her feet. She is made of soft white fleece with felt and embroidery floss accents all of which are hand stitched so there are no glues involved. The little felt grass skirt and coconut bra are both removable, but the felt hibiscus is permanent. She also has a fluffy pon-pon bunny tail beneath her grass skirt. Her filling is a non-allergenic polyester fiberfill.

Domestic shipping and handling via Priority Mail is $5.00. Insurance is an extra $1.30 and is optional. International Shipping via Global Priority Mail is $10.00. If Global Priority Mail is too expensive I am willing to work with you to find less expensive shipping alternatives.

My preferred method of payment is paypal although I do accept money orders. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about my goods, payment, shipping, and etc… You can contact me at genkigirl.sales(at)gmail(dot)com.

Waiting on a New Doll

I ordered a new MSD size Asleep Eidolon Yara doll over the weekend at Mint on Card.  I got confirmation that she shipped today and that she should be here by Wed if the Fedex tracker is telling the truth.  I had intentions of getting a girl SD13 sized doll next to be a companion for my DIM Danbi, but the 60cm dolls are still outside my price range at the moment.  Because the Asleep Eidolon MSD are going to have a new body type, Mint on Card is discounting all of their old, slim style doll bodies, which was a big factor in affordability for me.  Also I rather like the slim body, so I am glad I was able to snatch one up before they will no longer be available.  Anyway I am looking forward to getting my new doll, and I shall have to snap some pictures when she arrives!