Azone Pureneemo Body Posing with Licca

So, my latest dolly obsession is Licca and the Azone Pureneemo bodies. Thanks to an influx of Xmas money I was able to acquire both! XD Being mostly a BJD collector I have had no experience with pureneemo bodies and I thought I would share some posing information on them for anyone else who is in my shoes and is considering giving them a try. First of all I have to say I was really impressed with the body! I ordered a size small flexion body, in flesh color for my Licca. The Pureneemo small body is a tiny bit taller than the original Licca body and is so adorable I must say. I love the slightly chunky looking calves on the small version of the body and the whole sculpt just has a very cute aesthetic. The Pureneemo bodies also just feel very sturdy and substantial in the hand and the flesh tone matches my Licca perfectly and also appears to match my Jenny doll as well. So, let’s get down to posing!

The pureneemo bodies have a really nice range of motion in the arms! I would consider their range of motion to be somewhat similar to BJDs but their jointing structure is different. The only areas that don’t compare are the elbows and the wrist movement with the default hands. To be fair the elbows probably function about as well as a single jointed BJD. The hands can only turn side to side, not forward or back so she is unable to touch her face or chest and things like BJDs can. This being said, there is a set of flexion hands that include a ball joint for the wrist and enhance movement. The hand sets for the pureneemos are all just so cute too and if you don’t like the aesthetic of a ball in the wrist there are other sets that keep the smooth line of the wrist and offer different poses. I am hoping to acquire a set soon to try them out!

The pureneemo bodies do have one torso joint but it is a side to side swivel only, there is no forward or backward motion, so she can never slouch lol. This being said I do feel the torso has a nice aesthetic and not having the additional motion does not bother me. So next up is the jointing of the legs. Pureneemo have a hip socket, a swivel in the thigh, a knee joint and an ankle joint. All I would consider being similar to single joints on BJDS.

They can assume many different sitting positions and overall have a very cute posture! In terms of the feet, the joint is couched inside the ankle, hiding it. When the joint is couched inside the ankle it adds stability for standing. However for more movement you can gently flex the foot farther which slides the joint out a bit an increases the flex of the foot. It’s also easy to pop the joint right back in.

So, overall I’m super smitten with these bodies because the aesthetic and the posing capabilities hit that sweet spot for me. Also let’s face it, 1/6th scale is a great scale to play with miniatures too. That coupled with the accessible price on these figures is definitely going to put me in danger of collecting more of these dolls!! XD

Zaoll Luv Box Opening

So color me surprised when I woke up Friday morning, but my Zaoll had arrived! \(*0*)/ Because I never received a shipping notice or package tracking from Dollmore I just assumed my doll had not shipped yet and I would have to wait until at least their summer vacation was over to hear anything. It was a pleasant surprise though and I’m definitely not complaining about getting my doll sooner rather than later. Anyway on with the pics! Be warned this is going to be pic heavy!


So….BOX! Of course my cat is ever curious. 😉 I love it when cats show up in other people’s box openings, so here’s my contribution, lol.


And it’s open….I ordered a few clothing bits from Dollmore as well since I didn’t want my Zaoll to be completely clothes-less before I get a chance to make her anything.


Here’s the freebies this time around. Looks like I got a little mesh shopping bag a couple of doll headbands with bows and a pretty decent pair of brown glass eyes that have a little bit of shimmer about them. I’m not sure what size they are though, but if they are the right size I may wind up using those instead of the black eyes I selected in my order.


Wooo~ the gold Dollmore box. 😀


Any removing the top cushion reveals the mummy inside! I kind of felt like I was tomb raiding or something when I saw this, especially with the gold box and a mummy shaped figure inside. Ha, that might be a funny idea for a photoshoot…but gods I would need more space before I could pull that off.


And here we have the first glimpse of the girl. 🙂 Dollmore really goes out of their way to pack their dolls. I’m going to have to say that this Zaoll was by far the best packed doll I’ve ever received.


One of the things I really like about the Zaoll sculpt are the hands. I always like it when there is a little bit of fingernail tips sculpted at the end of the fingers. Plus these hands also have a nice graceful pose. Unoa’s hands are still by far my favorite in terms of female hands though.


Ok, so now it’s time for comparisons and such. Here she is between my Sona and Unoa Lusis. I am actually really super happy about the size of the doll. When I originally saw the box I had a little but of uh-oh feels because I thought she might be too big of a doll for my tastes. Really I think I am an MSD girl, but I really loved Dollmore’s Mio sculpt so I thought since the Zaoll body is smaller maybe I can have my Mio and a smaller doll. So far it looks like I can! I’m still waiting for my Mio head to arrive and then this Zaoll is getting hybridized.


So, resin comparisons…On the left is my Dollmore Kid Sona, and Zaoll on the right of course. So, it is true, Zaoll has a pinkie tone to her resin. My Sona though is maybe around 4 years old now, so it’s possible she could have some yellowing, but in all honesty I don’t feel her resin has changed in color since the day I got her. Overall I think as far as my hybrid goes, I will just blush my Mio’s head a little bit to match the pink tone of the Zaoll skin. To be honest, after you get a doll fully clothed I don’t think most people would half notice the difference in photographs…especially since the shadow that happens between the head and the chin is enough of a demarcation line. I’ll take plenty of photos of course for reference once I get my Mio head. 🙂


So, as far as single joint dolls go, I’m inclined to be of the mindset that she is very well designed because as you can see I was able to make her touch her face. Of course her hand is resting on her chin which helps, but I also had her with her hand in her hair and a finger to her lips.


Her torso joint is very stiff right now, but you can make her bend forward a little. I don’t mind a stiff torso too much, because lately I’ve noticed that my Sona’s torso joint has been slipping a bit much. I have some cold temperature hot glue though so a bunch of my dolls will be getting hot glue sueded soon.


Here she is again, this time with her torso turned a little bit to the right. So far she is a pretty good poser and stands and sits well. I haven’t had too much time to mess around with her yet since I have so many other things to do right now, but if I have any other reports to make I will definitely blog about them. 🙂


So, lastly I’ll say a few words about the clothing I bought for her. To begin with the SD girl’s raglan shirt I bought her fits her well. They say that Zaoll loses more of her height in her legs which are a bit shorter it looks like than most SD dolls. I also bought a vrilla skirt, and a pair of white shoes, all which fit well. The Justo pants however, which are the jean pants in the picture, well they are a bit long, which is fine if you are looking for a longer sort of boot-cut style. All in all they fit well around the waist, but length wise if this is not what you are looking for then I probably wouldn’t bother with these pants.

Unoa and Dollmore Kid Comparison


Someone on DoA requested a comparison shot of a Dollmore Kid with other MSD sized dolls, particularly how the slim MSDs like Narin and Unoa looked together, and I was happy to oblige. I thought I would go ahead and expand on the comparison shot a little bit for my blog though in case it might be helpful to others.

So first of all you can see how my Lusis has a slimmer waistline and is more in proportion with an adult female. Overall the bodies are nearly the same length, Sona just has a slightly longer neck which makes her appear a tiny bit taller than the Unoa. However Sona’s arms are a bit longer than the Unoa and her hands are definitely larger. Overall these two girls as they are can share loose fitting clothing like dresses and shirts.

Unoa has a larger bust, but Sona makes up for that in overall girth. Basically all of the Dollmore kid is just a little larger in girth than the Unoa, but this goes doubly do for the thighs near the ball joint. Dollmore kids kind of have “thunder thighs” lol. Anyway because of the differences in the thigh and hip area, they aren’t particularly suited to share pants, but you can get away with some skirt sharing, and possibly even loose short sharing if you are into that kinds of look.

Lastly, Dollmore Kids have huge feet. You can clearly see the size difference in the picture. Really I think Dollmore Kids must have some of the largest feet on an MSD because it is not uncommon to buy shoes that would work for an SD or SD13 girl and have them work on the kids.

Well I think that’s about it for my comparison chatter. I won’t discuss resin comparison because A) My Unoa is blushed, B) My Unoa has some yellowing and C) My lighting blew out Sona a little bit because I don’t consider her that white!!

La Dee Da Doll

I’ve come to like the look of the La Dee Da dolls, and with a price cut currently going on at Target I thought I’d go ahead and purchase one of these cuties. They have big heads and oversized eyes similar to pullip and the fashion on this particular “city girl” doll is bright and cute reminding me of something Blythe or Pullip would wear. You can see from the photo above how she sizes up next to Blythe, Dal and Pullip.

So, the clothing that she comes with is a little blue next shrug, a pair of tube stockings, shoes, a hair flower, dress, earrings, and a little plastic pincushion wristlet. The dress’s ribbon is attached with velcro which means you can switch it out with the hair flower as it also has velcro on the bag. However unfortunately the hair flower is initially velcroed AND sewn into the head, so you will have to cut it loose to do anything with it. Also velcro is not kind to plastic doll hair. ^^; Anyhow the other versatile part of this outfit is the dress has a pull ribbon in the back so it can go from being a bell shape to being cinched into to a balloon shape.

As for the doll herself, she doesn’t have nearly as much articulation as Monster High or Pullip. She does however have knee joints and rotating hip joints. Her shoulder joint has more mobility than the classic barbie, but as you can see she does not have wrist or elbow joints.

I thought I would show a little comparison of the feet here, because I have great news! The feet of La Dee Da dolls are tiny and slender just like Dals, which means, yes, they can share shoes. Also they work fairly well on Blythe’s feet, but they will not fit on obitsu feet. On the flip side, La Dee Da dolls can also wear some of Dal’s and Blythe’s shoes as well.

For clothes sharing however you aren’t as lucky. La Dee Da bodies are slender like Monster High Girls, which means most of their clothing will not fit Dal as you can see in the above image. However clothes that would fit Dal will mostly work on La Dee Da, though they may be a bit more roomy. Monster High and La Dee Da can of course share clothing perfectly.

So next up I decided to take a closer look at the scalp of the doll to see how well it was rooted. Sadly I cannot say it is rooted very well. It is fairly easy to part the hair and see large gaps between plugs. The good news is this can be solved with some additional rooting which is easy to do. Also apparently the La Dee Da dolls who are styled with their hair up are worse off in the rooting department.

Well I think that’s about it for my review/comparison. I plan to customize this girl, so I will have a few more posts about those kind of things coming forthwith. 😉

Dollyhair Comparisons

So my dollyhair order finally arrived and I went ahead and shot some fiber comparison pics in the hopes that it might be helpful for other people who are trying to match colors and whatnot. Above is the Kohl Brown Kanekalon hair from next to my Liv wig. It is a very very close match and will do nicely for patching up the bald spots in the wig. The fiber of the Liv with though is a little smoother and softer, but it is definitely not saran, and has that “dry feeling” like the Kanekalon, and is too fine a fiber to be the nylon. So I’d say it’s up in the air as to what kind of fiber this wig is made out of.

These are the two shades I am waffling between for my Draculaura re-root. On the left is Bitter Chocolate Brown, and on the right is Raven Black. Raven Black is of course a true match for Draculaura’s factory hair, but it’s not hard to match blacks usually. :B The Bitter Chocolate Brown is actually a bit darker than in the photo. It is as advertised as being the closest brown you can get to black and it does not have any red tones.

Next up is the Sherbert Pink comparison. As you can see from the pic that Draculaura’s hot pink streaks are a scootch bit darker than Sherbert Pink. It is very close though, so probably if you wanted to just add a few extra strands of pink in her factory hair, you could probably get away with using this color depending on how fussy you are. I actually bought this hair for a custom Twilight Sparkle I plan to work on after I finish Rainbow Dash who is coming along nicely by the way!

Lastly I bought some Hematite (on the left) and Pacific Ocean (on the right) nylon hair. This pic is fairly close to the true color, though in person I feel you can see the hint of plum in the Hematite more and Pacific Ocean has a touch more teal in it. I purchased these two colors with the intention of rerooting my Twilight Sparkle with them. Seeing Pacific Ocean in person though makes me feel that straight Hematite may work best for her reroot though. Originally I thought to mix the two colors, but now I’m not so sure. Anyhow all of those color comparisons are for another day as I am nowhere near starting that project yet.