Dollyhair Comparisons

So my dollyhair order finally arrived and I went ahead and shot some fiber comparison pics in the hopes that it might be helpful for other people who are trying to match colors and whatnot. Above is the Kohl Brown Kanekalon hair from next to my Liv wig. It is a very very close match and will do nicely for patching up the bald spots in the wig. The fiber of the Liv with though is a little smoother and softer, but it is definitely not saran, and has that “dry feeling” like the Kanekalon, and is too fine a fiber to be the nylon. So I’d say it’s up in the air as to what kind of fiber this wig is made out of.

These are the two shades I am waffling between for my Draculaura re-root. On the left is Bitter Chocolate Brown, and on the right is Raven Black. Raven Black is of course a true match for Draculaura’s factory hair, but it’s not hard to match blacks usually. :B The Bitter Chocolate Brown is actually a bit darker than in the photo. It is as advertised as being the closest brown you can get to black and it does not have any red tones.

Next up is the Sherbert Pink comparison. As you can see from the pic that Draculaura’s hot pink streaks are a scootch bit darker than Sherbert Pink. It is very close though, so probably if you wanted to just add a few extra strands of pink in her factory hair, you could probably get away with using this color depending on how fussy you are. I actually bought this hair for a custom Twilight Sparkle I plan to work on after I finish Rainbow Dash who is coming along nicely by the way!

Lastly I bought some Hematite (on the left) and Pacific Ocean (on the right) nylon hair. This pic is fairly close to the true color, though in person I feel you can see the hint of plum in the Hematite more and Pacific Ocean has a touch more teal in it. I purchased these two colors with the intention of rerooting my Twilight Sparkle with them. Seeing Pacific Ocean in person though makes me feel that straight Hematite may work best for her reroot though. Originally I thought to mix the two colors, but now I’m not so sure. Anyhow all of those color comparisons are for another day as I am nowhere near starting that project yet.

Color Matches for Rainbow Dash’s Hair.

So my nylon pony hair arrived from Dolly Hair the other day and I must say I’m pretty happy with my selections. There were only a couple slight misses I think in the matching department, but it really doesn’t matter so much since I have enough hair to redo more than one Rainbow Dash. Anyway I had to use my old camera to take these pics, so they may not be the best, but hopefully they will be good enough to help you choose the proper hair color.

This color photographs more like a dark orange, but this color, Pomme de Amour is actually a very warm true red that matches the red on Rainbow Dash’s factory mane extraordinarily well. As you can see, even though it’s orangey in the picture, that it still matches perfectly with her mane.

I decided to order the color called “Nectarine” for Dash’s orange color, and it’s a pretty close match. The differences are that Dash’s factory mane is just slightly lighter and a little less vivid than nectarine. I’m not sure I have any suggestions for which other colors to try, but there is a new shade called Marmalade at Dolly Hair that I wonder if it might be a better match. If anyone has this hair and has compared it, feel free to leave a comment and share any info you may have!

So the color I ordered for the yellow was called “Napalm”, and I feel it is a very close match. If you mix her default factory hair with napalm you really won’t be able to tell the difference between the fibers. If there is any difference between these two colors it would be that napalm is a teeny tiny bit lighter and more brilliant, but I really have to scrutinize to see it.

Ironically this color, “Key Lime Green” was the most agreed upon green color to match Dash’s factory mane at this forum I visited to gather research. As you can see from the image, so far it is the worst matching color of the bunch….booo! Key lime green is much more vivid and green that leans into the yellow side of the spectrum, more than Dash’s factory default mane which you can see leans more into the blue spectrum of the greens. Unfortunately I don’t really have an idea of what would be a better match because “Unlucky Clover” and “Lucky Clover” look a little too sea green, “Sour Apple Martini” is described as being more fluorescent and vivid than Key Lime, so that’s obviously the wrong direction. Anyway again, if anyone has any experiences with matching Dash’s green hair, please feel free to add your input in the comments!

To be honest I really wanted to order the shade “Bluberry Muffin” to try for a Rainbow Dash match, but since it was sold out I decided to go with “Water Nixie” which was yet another suggestion I had seen on a pony forum. As you can see in the picture, Dash’s blue hair is a little less vibrant and slightly lighter than Water Nixie. I still think Water Nixie is a lovely color if you are replacing Dash’s blue altogether, but if you are really trying to match her factory color I am still going to suggest giving Blueberry Muffin a try since it is described as being a lighter version of Water Nixie on the Dolly Hair site and so I think it might just be the perfect match. 😉

So the final color I ordered was “Sour Grapes” which was another color I had seen suggested on various forums. Sour grapes is a pretty close match to the factory original violet. The only problem with it is that sour grapes is is a little more vibrant and shiny….to be honest Dash’s default violet hair looks kinda dull next to sour grapes, so I would suggest going ahead and just replacing her old violet. However if you don’t want to do that, I think sour grapes is a passable match.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll post more of my adventures in customizing my Rainbow Dash in the future as I make more progress on her. 🙂