Color Matches for Rainbow Dash’s Hair.

So my nylon pony hair arrived from Dolly Hair the other day and I must say I’m pretty happy with my selections. There were only a couple slight misses I think in the matching department, but it really doesn’t matter so much since I have enough hair to redo more than one Rainbow Dash. Anyway I had to use my old camera to take these pics, so they may not be the best, but hopefully they will be good enough to help you choose the proper hair color. This color photographs more like a dark orange, but this color, Pomme … Continue Reading →

My Little Pony G4 head removal and etc..

Well I’ve been bitten by the Pony bug now too after watching the Friendship is Magic series that has the absolute best stylization of the ponies to date in my opinion. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash but unfortunately her toy looks hardly anything like her as you can see in the pic above. Many of the characters from the series suffer from poor toy design but I consider Rainbow Dash being on of the worst. XP It should be clearly evident from the pic, which is Dash straight out of the carton, that her mane is styled nothing like … Continue Reading →