BeYours SD13 Girls

While I was researching SD13 girl bodies to come up with a plan for Mio, I happened upon a company called BeYours. They appear to be a small doll company who at least to the English speaking community are fairly new. As of right now it looks like you can either order via TaoBao or Sunny’s World (the English site) also carries them. They also have their own website, but it seems as though it’s very new since it’s half finished and is a bit difficult to navigate due to dead links and such. Also I still haven’t figured out … Continue Reading →

Window Shopping – Mature MSD

I decided I might start collecting a list of dolls that I’ve been interested in purchasing. I think it will still be another month or so before I can get one though, so sad. Hehe…..Anyhow as far as mature bodied MSD dolls go, I find that I really like the LatiBlue Yern sculpt. I like her gentle looking eyes and her general neutral to pouty look. I also really like the LatiBlue body in general and she has measurements like my AE Yara, so they can share clothes and wigs too I believe. Yern is also in my price range, … Continue Reading →

Latest Project – Unoa Jeans

So, I’ve been working on a pair of Unoa sized jeans, and they have proven to be very frustrating. I am using the Unoa jeans pattern in Dolly Dolly 6 (The coordinate recipe thing). Anyway the instructions have you doing the waistband in a rather strange and fanciful way which I am still trying to wrap my head around. I gave up on trying to do the fly their way and just came up with my own way, which in the end made the waistband pattern piece too short, so I had to cut a new, longer one. My other … Continue Reading →

New Wig

Well my second try at finding a better wig for my AE Yara looks like it may be panning out. Since all of the 7-8 sized wigs I had purchased previously were too large for her, I decided to step down to a size smaller. I purchased this 6-7 JpopDolls wig, which I believe was the Jrock style in blush. In the picture it looks very pink, and the wig does have some pink in it, but in person it is not quite so pink. Anyway back to the size issues….At first when I tried to put this wig on … Continue Reading →

Asleep Eidolon Sculpt – Col

There are some Asleep Eidolon sculpts that intrigue me, and one of them is Col who is pictured to the left. Her eyes I find are really wide set, which adds this certain something that is both odd and fascinating at the same time. Either way I find her rather unique and I like her quite a lot, so when I am in the market for a SD13 sized girl, she will definitely be on my list to consider. I think what helped seal my like for this doll though were the few lovely images I found of her on … Continue Reading →