BeYours SD13 Girls

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While I was researching SD13 girl bodies to come up with a plan for Mio, I happened upon a company called BeYours. They appear to be a small doll company who at least to the English speaking community are fairly new. As of right now it looks like you can either order via TaoBao or Sunny’s World (the English site) also carries them. They also have their own website, but it seems as though it’s very new since it’s half finished and is a bit difficult to navigate due to dead links and such. Also I still haven’t figured out how you would order from their main website. I suppose you could always contact them directly though.

Their face sculpts are rather pretty, and for some reason they remind me a little bit of SupiaDolls style wise. They have fantastic face-ups which really brings out the beauty of the sculpt, however as of now I am unsure if you can order a doll with a face-up at all since I’ve only seen blank dolls on TaoBao and Sunny’s world. It would be a shame if you couldn’t order one with a face-up as they really are quite beautiful.


The thing that first attracted me to these dolls however was the body sculpt. The sculpt is reminiscent of Volks SD13 girls, but is a bit taller and at least to me seems to have a sleeker design. BeYour’s “white” resin color is also this very pale beige that is very appealing. Their normal color is more pinky, but also pretty. As far as jointing goes she is double jointed and I particularly like how the “knee plate” of the double joint in the knee blends very nicely with the rest of the leg. Sometimes I feel that the doublejointed knees sacrifice too much in aesthetics for function for my taste. Overall the body shape is also appealing and she appears to have graceful hands. She is a tall one however, so I think for my needs I will probably stick with a Zaoll body.

Since they are a newer company though it would probably pay to research and keep abreast of any reviews coming out. A number of people on the forums have stated that BeYour’s resin is thin in places, while others claim there is no problem. BeYour’s did redesign the body so it could be that the older design may have had some thin areas while the newer design has fixed any flaws. I have heard reports that they pose very well though.

At only around $350 though, this is an economy priced BJD, especially for a 60cm doll. I do have to point out though that the doll is around $40 or so cheaper on TaoBao compared to ordering from their English site or Sunny’s World. As I’ve already stated before, I do not like this practice of increasing the prices for Western customers, so that makes me a little grumbly. $350 is a reasonable price to be sure, but I still feel less valued or respected as a customer, when better deals are given to people in their own country.

Window Shopping – Mature MSD

yernI decided I might start collecting a list of dolls that I’ve been interested in purchasing. I think it will still be another month or so before I can get one though, so sad. Hehe…..Anyhow as far as mature bodied MSD dolls go, I find that I really like the LatiBlue Yern sculpt. I like her gentle looking eyes and her general neutral to pouty look. I also really like the LatiBlue body in general and she has measurements like my AE Yara, so they can share clothes and wigs too I believe. Yern is also in my price range, especially if I decide to do my own face-up. I read on the website that Lati is planning on restocking a lot of their dolls on July 5th. I would love to get in on that order, but I’m not sure I would have the money for the shipping by then. I imagine being involved in a GO would help, but most GOs don’t allow resin purchases, and also I have never run a GO and it’s probably a little late to try to get one started for their restock anyway.

I also really like the Minifee mature MSD bodies quite a lot, perhaps even better than I like the LatiBlue body sculpt, especially the cutie bust and cutie leg version. However, I’m not really drawn to many of the face sculpts that are offered. I imagine I could always find another head sculpt I like that would be a good resin match for the Minifee body, but I have no experience in resin matching so I’d be reluctant to do that. I suppose I could go scour DoA for some FAQs though.

wrybcqzlfile_28_7 Another doll I saw during my window shopping was 5star Doll’s Yoka. She has a delightfully melancholy look, and 5star’s body sculpt is pretty nice as well. It’s not as pretty of a body sculpt as the Latiblue or Minifee, but still quite attractive, and for the price at only $190 for a blank doll, I’d say it appears to be a pretty good deal. 5star seems to be pretty new though, so I know not of their overall quality, however, Mint on Card is offering them for sale in the US, and having ordered from them before I feel that they wouldn’t be selling anything that wasn’t quality…..Then again they do carry Dollzone, which some people have issues with…something about a ceramic filler? I dunno. XD Anyway I’m not fond of the pink eyes and red hair, but I am imagining that Yoka would look pretty good with dark hair and eyes, no? 🙂

kzcpbriqrebecca31 The next doll that intrigued me was Ringdoll’s Rebecca. I think it’s all about the little round dark eyes here and the dark colored hair. I am also fond of the slightly open mouth she has as well….I think I’m a sucker for those kinds of dolls, because I really love the classic Narae face too, which has the slightly open mouth, and I love Narae’s gentle partially closed eyes. Of course at this time though, Narae is totally out of my price range, but hopefully one day after I find a decent teaching job I can afford to get to get both a Narae and Narin. Anyway back to Ringdoll, who really has a lot of nice head sculpt, but really their bodies leave a little bit to be desired…at least in appearance anyway. I can’t speak for pose-ability in any of these dolls I’m talking about since I don’t own one yet. 😉 Anyhow I have seen numerous other dolls in my window shopping who are very cute, but I’m going to leave off with just one more before this post gets to long.

idollamyfullset4This next doll is an Island Doll named Amy, who actually has my own namesake, lol. I think SoulDoll also has an Amy doll, but I don’t care much for the soulkid body. Anyhow I had never heard of Island Doll until I saw one on ebay yesterday. Anyway again we have another doll with a slightly open mouth and small round dark eyes. She certainly is a cutie, and Island Doll’s body sculpt is as nice as 5star’s body sculpt, though at least to my eye, not as impressive as Latiblue or Minifee bodies. A blank doll starts at $210 though, so it’s a little lower than a blank Latiblue.

In the end I like all of these dolls, they are all very pretty, but I do have some reservations about purchasing dolls from companies I have never heard of before. However I did buy an Asleep Eidolon and was really quite pleased, so maybe I shouldn’t feel that way about these new young companies with fresh new sculpts. I imagine when purchasing a doll from a lesser known maker you can be somewhat guaranteed to have a more unique doll. I kind of get tired of seeing all the same Luts sculpts for example. Lati’s dolls though seem to retain their value well, and since they have my favorite body sculpt out of these I am leaning towards trying to get a Yern during their next sale period. Of course I haven’t 100% decided to get an MSD. I’ve been seeing a lot of adorable tinies too! Anyway at this point though I’ll be ending this long long post. lol.

Latest Project – Unoa Jeans

unoajeansworkSo, I’ve been working on a pair of Unoa sized jeans, and they have proven to be very frustrating. I am using the Unoa jeans pattern in Dolly Dolly 6 (The coordinate recipe thing). Anyway the instructions have you doing the waistband in a rather strange and fanciful way which I am still trying to wrap my head around. I gave up on trying to do the fly their way and just came up with my own way, which in the end made the waistband pattern piece too short, so I had to cut a new, longer one. My other issues with the jeans right now is that they are a little bit too big. I know that the Unoa dolls measurements are just a tiny bit bigger than the AE minis, so apparently that single centimeter in the hips matters just enough. :p

I really, really hate sewing jeans to be honest. I would much rather just buy them, but alas I lack the funds. Maybe I would like sewing jeans better if I had more practice with them so I could just belt them out like I do shirts. It would also probably help if I liked the material I was working with a little more. I picked the pale jean material up because it was on the remnants rack and the remnants were 50% off that day. Oh well, I should probably get back to work on these so I can actually finish them sometime this century. :p

New Wig

newwig01Well my second try at finding a better wig for my AE Yara looks like it may be panning out. Since all of the 7-8 sized wigs I had purchased previously were too large for her, I decided to step down to a size smaller. I purchased this 6-7 JpopDolls wig, which I believe was the Jrock style in blush. In the picture it looks very pink, and the wig does have some pink in it, but in person it is not quite so pink.

Anyway back to the size issues….At first when I tried to put this wig on my Yara, it was too small!! So I was really irritated, but then after having some lunch I decided to go work with the wig and try to get it stretched out some since the ad for this particular wig said that it could stretch to 7.5. After working with it, and using the rubber band trick to keep the wig in place, I was finally able to get it over her head. Right now I am just leaving her be, in the hopes that the longer the wig is on her the more it will stretch and conform to her head.

In the end, I have to say that maybe 6-7 wigs are the way to go for the AE minis since their heads are closer to Unoa size. The bangs come to the right length, and don’t get mussed up in her eyelashes. Anyway this will be the last wig I will be buying for a while now since I already went through 3. :p

Asleep Eidolon Sculpt – Col

col7There are some Asleep Eidolon sculpts that intrigue me, and one of them is Col who is pictured to the left. Her eyes I find are really wide set, which adds this certain something that is both odd and fascinating at the same time. Either way I find her rather unique and I like her quite a lot, so when I am in the market for a SD13 sized girl, she will definitely be on my list to consider. I think what helped seal my like for this doll though were the few lovely images I found of her on flickr in a dark haired wig. She looks quite fetching in dark hair and dark eyes.