Azone Pureneemo Body Posing with Licca

So, my latest dolly obsession is Licca and the Azone Pureneemo bodies. Thanks to an influx of Xmas money I was able to acquire both! XD Being mostly a BJD collector I have had no experience with pureneemo bodies and I thought I would share some posing information on them for anyone else who is in my shoes and is considering giving them a try. First of all I have to say I was really impressed with the body! I ordered a size small flexion body, in flesh color for my Licca. The Pureneemo small body is a tiny bit taller than the original Licca body and is so adorable I must say. I love the slightly chunky looking calves on the small version of the body and the whole sculpt just has a very cute aesthetic. The Pureneemo bodies also just feel very sturdy and substantial in the hand and the flesh tone matches my Licca perfectly and also appears to match my Jenny doll as well. So, let’s get down to posing!

The pureneemo bodies have a really nice range of motion in the arms! I would consider their range of motion to be somewhat similar to BJDs but their jointing structure is different. The only areas that don’t compare are the elbows and the wrist movement with the default hands. To be fair the elbows probably function about as well as a single jointed BJD. The hands can only turn side to side, not forward or back so she is unable to touch her face or chest and things like BJDs can. This being said, there is a set of flexion hands that include a ball joint for the wrist and enhance movement. The hand sets for the pureneemos are all just so cute too and if you don’t like the aesthetic of a ball in the wrist there are other sets that keep the smooth line of the wrist and offer different poses. I am hoping to acquire a set soon to try them out!

The pureneemo bodies do have one torso joint but it is a side to side swivel only, there is no forward or backward motion, so she can never slouch lol. This being said I do feel the torso has a nice aesthetic and not having the additional motion does not bother me. So next up is the jointing of the legs. Pureneemo have a hip socket, a swivel in the thigh, a knee joint and an ankle joint. All I would consider being similar to single joints on BJDS.

They can assume many different sitting positions and overall have a very cute posture! In terms of the feet, the joint is couched inside the ankle, hiding it. When the joint is couched inside the ankle it adds stability for standing. However for more movement you can gently flex the foot farther which slides the joint out a bit an increases the flex of the foot. It’s also easy to pop the joint right back in.

So, overall I’m super smitten with these bodies because the aesthetic and the posing capabilities hit that sweet spot for me. Also let’s face it, 1/6th scale is a great scale to play with miniatures too. That coupled with the accessible price on these figures is definitely going to put me in danger of collecting more of these dolls!! XD

Website “Window Shopping” XD – Mandarake

So I guess I’m “re-discovering” Mandarake after hearing someone gush about a new dolly purchase they made through them. Considering I’m always late to the party it seems, I’m sure everyone knows about this place, but if you don’t then keep reading, heck keep reading even if you do know cause it’s fun! 😀

I had already known about Mandarake and in fact I had ordered used manga from them back in the day when I was a more avid collector of manga. Apparently however back then I never bothered with any other sections of their site, and in truth I was not much interested in dolls back then either. Now that I am revisiting I am discovering they have this huge inventory of pre-owned toys and dolls, that I have been happily browsing for about an hour. In my idle browsing I have discovered that they sell a great deal of second hand Pullips, Dals and Blythes among other things. The Pullips and such though I found surprising because for example I saw a hard to find old Namu doll still in his box going for about $80ish, and an old Pullip Street going for a little less. Now I know that many collectors have paid quite a lot more for those dollies before, and even presuming you tack on EMS shipping, I think you’ll still pay less than you would finding those dolls on the secondhand market here in the US. With this said I think it’s possible to get a good dolly deal if you know what you’re looking for and keep track of the going market.

Aside from finding the occasional bargain, Mandarake also appears to have lots of vintage doll goods. There’s plenty of old school Liccas and Jennies to go around as well as a bunch of older dolls I don’t even recognize. Of course Mandarake knows when they have a good vintage item, so there will be no bargains there….then again I don’t know the going rate for a lot of those types of dolls, so I could be wrong. There’s also a ton of other little toys and knick knacks piled onto those pages, for example I just came across an old 50s bunka style doll, and a cute little egg shaped dollhouse chair, all for reasonable prices and I know it’s nothing I can never find around here. So basically if you have time to kill and some spare moo-lah in your wallet you might go have a browse to see what you can see. 😉

Fufufu….to be honest I’m scouting for something in particular, but I’m gonna keep quiet about it so I don’t jinx anything. 😉 Here is the link: enjoy! <3