Dollyhair Comparisons

So my dollyhair order finally arrived and I went ahead and shot some fiber comparison pics in the hopes that it might be helpful for other people who are trying to match colors and whatnot. Above is the Kohl Brown Kanekalon hair from next to my Liv wig. It is a very very close match and will do nicely for patching up the bald spots in the wig. The fiber of the Liv with though is a little smoother and softer, but it is definitely not saran, and has that “dry feeling” like the Kanekalon, and is too fine … Continue Reading →

Dolly Find – Clearance Liv Wigs

I always knew about the Liv wigs as I had seen them in the doll aisle many times before, but I never bothered with them because I had always felt they were too expensive for what they were. However Target has started to clearance off some of their Liv wigs and clothing (probably they are summer goods), and at $4 the price became agreeable enough for me to try one out. I will go ahead and write up a review of sorts, but just be sure to keep in mind that this is my first experience with a Liv wig, … Continue Reading →

Dollmore Lukia Dolls

I just noticed the news posting about these two girls on BJD Collectasy, and I’m so excited about these cuties that I thought I’d post about them here as well. These new girls named Coral and Sky are only 32 cm tall, but have mature bodies that seem reminiscent of obitsu bodies. The oversized head for me also screams Pullip, and the lips seem like they have a little Dal pout going on. Unlike Pullip and obitsu though, these dolls are resin cast. Because I’m curious to know if these girls will be able to wear fashion doll clothing, I … Continue Reading →

Dolly Find – Liv Accessories

When I was in Target the other day I picked up this pack of Liv accessories because I had been looking for a laptop, and also the little pink flats in this set were adorable. Liv accessories actually work quite well for Pullip, well except for the flats, which I will elaborate on below. Besides the flats, In this set you also get a small silver laptop, lilac backpack, wristwatch, earrings and a pair of glasses. Obviously the glasses won’t work, and the earrings will only work if you pierced your Pullip’s ears. The wristwatch, backpack and laptop though work … Continue Reading →