Dollyhair Comparisons

So my dollyhair order finally arrived and I went ahead and shot some fiber comparison pics in the hopes that it might be helpful for other people who are trying to match colors and whatnot. Above is the Kohl Brown Kanekalon hair from next to my Liv wig. It is a very very close match and will do nicely for patching up the bald spots in the wig. The fiber of the Liv with though is a little smoother and softer, but it is definitely not saran, and has that “dry feeling” like the Kanekalon, and is too fine a fiber to be the nylon. So I’d say it’s up in the air as to what kind of fiber this wig is made out of.

These are the two shades I am waffling between for my Draculaura re-root. On the left is Bitter Chocolate Brown, and on the right is Raven Black. Raven Black is of course a true match for Draculaura’s factory hair, but it’s not hard to match blacks usually. :B The Bitter Chocolate Brown is actually a bit darker than in the photo. It is as advertised as being the closest brown you can get to black and it does not have any red tones.

Next up is the Sherbert Pink comparison. As you can see from the pic that Draculaura’s hot pink streaks are a scootch bit darker than Sherbert Pink. It is very close though, so probably if you wanted to just add a few extra strands of pink in her factory hair, you could probably get away with using this color depending on how fussy you are. I actually bought this hair for a custom Twilight Sparkle I plan to work on after I finish Rainbow Dash who is coming along nicely by the way!

Lastly I bought some Hematite (on the left) and Pacific Ocean (on the right) nylon hair. This pic is fairly close to the true color, though in person I feel you can see the hint of plum in the Hematite more and Pacific Ocean has a touch more teal in it. I purchased these two colors with the intention of rerooting my Twilight Sparkle with them. Seeing Pacific Ocean in person though makes me feel that straight Hematite may work best for her reroot though. Originally I thought to mix the two colors, but now I’m not so sure. Anyhow all of those color comparisons are for another day as I am nowhere near starting that project yet.

Dolly Find – Clearance Liv Wigs

I always knew about the Liv wigs as I had seen them in the doll aisle many times before, but I never bothered with them because I had always felt they were too expensive for what they were. However Target has started to clearance off some of their Liv wigs and clothing (probably they are summer goods), and at $4 the price became agreeable enough for me to try one out. I will go ahead and write up a review of sorts, but just be sure to keep in mind that this is my first experience with a Liv wig, and I have heard that not all Liv wigs are created equal.

So, first thing out of the box I was surprised to find that the Liv wigs are basically Kanekalon or Saran doll hair that has been rooted onto what amounts to a cheap non-stretchy silicon cap. The part that surprised me was the fact that in a way it’s kind of like buying a scalp. The fiber of the wig is soft and shiny enough, but unfortunately as you will soon see below in the picture that this wig is VERY THINLY ROOTED.

As you can see, there is an unseemly gap at the top of the wig where when the hair falls to either side it reveals a large bald spot. I am imagining that it is difficult to root anything in that area due to the peg which I will get to later, but still, I mean I’ve seen cheap $5 Barbies with better rooted hair than this wig.

Now here is the wig flipped inside out, you can clearly see how it is rooted, and you can clearly see the peg I was talking about. Again I think this picture illustrates just how thinly these things are rooted, but more importantly I want to focus on the peg for now. If you aren’t familiar with them like I was, the peg may come as a surprise. Apparently the Liv dolls and some Monster High dolls come with a slot in their head for the peg to fit and thusly it helps keep the wig on during play. It’s actually a pretty good idea for a playline doll considering how rough the younger girls play with their dollies. However it is obviously going to get in the way if you want to use it on a BJD or another type of doll that has no special slot. The good news is you can clip the peg off quite easily with a good pair of snips or household scissors.

So, with the peg out of the way, the first thing I wanted to do was to try it on my Slinky Neko tiny as I had heard that Liv wigs worked well on Lati Yellow and Pukifee sized heads, and my Slinky Neko girl has a similar sized head with a 5.5 inch circumference. As you can see from the photo, the wig did not fit at all. If the cap had been at all stretchy it probably would have, but the caps on the Liv wigs are surprisingly stiff and unforgiving. So the thing to keep in mind here is that for Pukifees, Slinky Neko babies and other tinies with close to a 5.5 inch head circumference, these wigs will absolutely NOT fit. I am wondering though that perhaps if the doll had a head closer to 5.25 inches then maybe the wig might work, but 5.5 and above, no.
On the bright side though, these wigs work very well on the Monster High dolls. This wig even fits with Draculaura still with her default hair in, which you can see below.

So, here’s my final thoughts on Liv wigs. Initially I was disappointed by their poor quality, but for $4, I mean what can you expect really. The fiber on the wig is quite nice and the style is also pleasantly modern. For now I’ve decided I will be working with this wig and I ordered a hank of Kanekalon which I hope will match well enough so I can fill the wig out more and cover up bald spots. Most people won’t do this I realize, but I’ve been in the mood to reroot lately so it doesn’t bother me. In the end it comes down to this, for a play wig for young girls, this is an excellent bargain. For a doll collector who expects high quality out of their goods, this wig is horrible, a fixer-upper if you will. If you like a fixer-upper, then by all means go for it, if you don’t, then stay far far away, lol. I still however would not pay full price for such a thing…clearance only for sure!!

Dollmore Lukia Dolls

I just noticed the news posting about these two girls on BJD Collectasy, and I’m so excited about these cuties that I thought I’d post about them here as well. These new girls named Coral and Sky are only 32 cm tall, but have mature bodies that seem reminiscent of obitsu bodies. The oversized head for me also screams Pullip, and the lips seem like they have a little Dal pout going on. Unlike Pullip and obitsu though, these dolls are resin cast.

Because I’m curious to know if these girls will be able to wear fashion doll clothing, I decided to investigate some fashion doll measurements to compare, and the news is heartening!

Lukia Doll Measurements

Height : 32cm
Eyes : 20~24mm
Circumference of Head : 22cm (8-9inches sized wigs fit well)
Circumference of neck : 4cm
Circumference of chest : 13.3cm
Width of shoulders: 6cm
Circumference of waist :8cm
Circumference of hips : 12.3cm
Length of “from hips to ankle” : 17.5cm
Length of “from knee to ankle” : 7.7cm
Foot size : 2.6cm based on heeled feet

Liv Doll Measurements

Height: 30.48 cm (12 in)
Head Circumference: 16 cm (6.29 in)
Neck Circumference: 4.5 cm (1.77 in)
Shoulder Width: 5 cm (1.96 in)
Shoulder to Wrist: 8.5 cm (3.34 in)
Elbow to Wrist: 4 cm (1.57 in)
Back Length: 6.5 cm (2.56 in)
Chest Circumference: 12.5 cm (4.92 in)
Waist Circumference: 9 cm (3.54 in)
Hip Circumference: 11.5 cm (4.52 in)
Hip to Knee: 8.5 cm (3.34 in)
Knee to Ankle: 6.5 cm (2.55 in)
Ankle Circumference: 3 cm (1.18 in)
Feet Size: 2.5 cm (0.98 in)

Barbie’s measurements are also comparable as well, so it looks like there is real potential for these dolls to wear some fashion doll clothing, though it will probably be half experimentation to find out what works properly as anyone who’s experience with Pullips would know!

Currently you can order Coral or Sky, both of which are full-sets and come with everything you see in the picture for $327. For a full-set that includes shoes and two sets of feet amongst everything else, it doesn’t seem too bad, though I do have to wonder if they will offer basic sets of Lukia in the future. Either way I’ll definitely be putting Lukia on my list of dolls to keep any eye on, and I can’t wait to see owner photos of them!

Dolly Find – Liv Accessories


When I was in Target the other day I picked up this pack of Liv accessories because I had been looking for a laptop, and also the little pink flats in this set were adorable. Liv accessories actually work quite well for Pullip, well except for the flats, which I will elaborate on below.


Besides the flats, In this set you also get a small silver laptop, lilac backpack, wristwatch, earrings and a pair of glasses. Obviously the glasses won’t work, and the earrings will only work if you pierced your Pullip’s ears. The wristwatch, backpack and laptop though work wonderfully as you can see by the pics above. The laptop has a liv sticker for the screen, but with some crafty editing I’m sure you can change that easily enough. Now onto the all important shoes!


You can tell from the picture that the Liv flats are way too big for the type 3 feet. I don’t know if the feet have changed on the type 4 as I don’t have a type 4 yet. For obitsu feet though it is a much better fit, though still a touch on the large side. I think if you want to use these flats for a photo-op, you’d be good, but not for dressing up and taking your Pullip out. I think though if you had your Pullip in some cute socks it might be just enough to make the fit snug. I wouldn’t count out Liv shoes entirely for Pullip, as I think boots and such would offer extra coverage that helps keep the feet inside the shoe.