New Photoshoot

Ash’s new wig and cargo pants arrived a couple days ago and I just now got around to snapping some new pics of him. The wig and the pants both came from Sunny’s World. Overall it was a really good transaction and the pants are especially wonderful for the price. The wig is a really great color and matches Ash’s face-up really well, but I was a little surprised to find that the wig is a little thin. I think since Ash kind of has a big head compared to other SD13 sized boys, that a fuller wig will be better. Other than being thin though, the color is great and it’s very soft and manageable.

Anyway if you’d like to see all of the new photo’s I’ve uploaded, you can find them in my flickr. You can click the flickr icon in the right sidebar to go there, or here is the link as well.

More Ash Spam!

I posted a few new images to my flickr account which you can view by clicking the flickr icon in the sidebar of the blog. I really think this is just such a great sculpt that it deserves a lot more attention. As always, with unknown dolls, they just don’t receive any love, especially on DoA. 🙁 I posted a thread in the gallery earlier today and I think I’m well on my way to having no views and no comments because people seem to be automatically not interested in newer, unknown sculpts. I say booooo to that! So yeah I’m going to spam it up with Ash. I just hope his new pants and alternate wig show up soon so I have more fodder and an excuse for shooting more pics.

Ash has arrived!

As I expected my new SD13 sized boy from Mudoll arrived today. I went nuts on this purchase and bought the whole thief fullset, and I must confess it was really nice to actually get clothes with your doll for a change. Anyhow read on for the box opening pics and to read my commentary on Mudoll’s quality and service and such.

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My new doll is on it’s way!

When I checked my email this evening I had received notice from Mudoll that my order has been shipped! To be honest I was a little surprised, as doll orders usually take at least a few weeks. Maybe it was because he’s a fullset doll they already had some made up? Anyhow I am pleased none the less! I don’t have any idea on his arrival time since the tracking number isn’t working yet. I’ll wait until tomorrow to try again, then hopefully there might be more information on when I can expect my package. 😀

EDIT: I checked my tracking number this morning and my package is already in Chicago. 😀 This means it will be here soon, either tomorrow or Thursday I imagine.

I finally gave in. ^^;

Haha, yeah, I have a new doll that will be arriving in the future, and it is Mudoll’s Ash thief fullset. I also ordered my brownie a new wig and a cute pair of pink boots in the process though, so at least my Brownie will be less of a hobo! XD I have no idea when my new doll might ship or anything since I am still waiting for my payment to go through with Mudoll. I think I’m probably going to be anxious until I know that they’ve got my money since I had to initiate payment through paypal. Anyhow, as soon as I see that the payment status has been updated on the site, I am thinking I might go and order a fur wig from Sunny’s World, and possibly a MSD outfit for Sona, but we’ll see. I think she needs shoes more than anything since her big old feet won’t fit in any of my Yara’s shoes. XP Well That’s all there is to report, I just hope my wait isn’t long!

EDIT: Yay! My payment was received!