Iplehouse Wig


I bought this Iplehouse wig off of a seller on DoA for my Nina. I don’t know what it is, but Iplehouse and Leekeworld wigs always look so fantastic to me. Anyway I have the fear that it will be a little bit too long for Nina, but I figure I can always give it a trim, since it’s in the style I want. I just hope it looks good on her when it arrives! To be honest her stock wig isn’t that great, so I imagine anything would be an improvement.

Christmas Swag Photoshoot.


I added some new photos to flickr of a quickie photo shoot I did with the new dolls and Re-Ment I got for Xmas this year. To check out all of the photos, just visit my flickr page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tsukiyonomiyu/

I took a few more pics after these ones but I haven’t had time to transfer them onto my computer yet. Maybe I can get around to posting those tomorrow though. 🙂

Nina’s New Obitsu


The obitsu I ordered for my Nina arrived on Monday, and I had her new body on her by the evening. I decided to go with the hard bust obitsu because I had heard horror stories about “neck melt” issues with the soft bust variety. However I think honestly I’d probably prefer the 25cm soft bust for aesthetics, but on the other hand I think you get slightly better poseability with the hard bust.

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Dolly Find – Miniatures for Pullip


At Hobby Lobby, besides finding the bunny doll from an earlier post, I was also pleased to find that they had a small section of miniatures and dollhouses. None of the miniatures were playscale, but there were quite a few things that you could use with your Pullip or for building a dollhouse for your Pullip. The little shortcake on the left is one of those items that I found there. They also had mini books, silverware, an adorable set of tiny cookies and many other things that Pullip could use.

I was also really pleased to find that they had some dollhouse construction materials like tiny baseboards, crown molding, windows, tiny faux tile, and other things you could use to make a dollhouse for your Pullip. The doors though would be too small for Pullip, but it should be easy enough to fashion your own doors. However they had all of the tiny hinges and other fixtures you would need to make and attach your own door. Although Hobby Lobby’s selection was small compared to a miniature store I visited once, their prices were quite a bit cheaper!

Dolly Find – Barbie Clothes for Pullip


I went out shopping yesterday evening with the main goal of trying to find some cheap Barbie clothes for my new Pullip. If you don’t know already, Barbie clothes will fit Pullip..well for the most part. Anyhow I found a cheap clothing set at Target for $2.34 or somewhere around there. This set only includes a top and a pair of shorts, no shoes included. I made some notes about this particular set on what issues they have so anyone else who is shopping can be aware.

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