More Progress on my BJD sculpting project.

So, I’ve got the lips looking more natural now, and I brought down the nose a little and gave it some more shaping. I also started rounding out the cranium in the hopes that I can get wigs to fit better on her since her head shape was a little off. My only concern with rounding out the cranium is that her head is getting a bit larger and I worry that her head may be coming more MSD size and perhaps a bit too large for her body. I won’t really know until I get a chance to lay … Continue Reading →

Artist BJD Progress

I’ve decided to return to my doll project after having been inspired by other artisans great looking dolls. So here is my progress on “Cookie” who is looking less to me like a Cookie the more I work on her, haha. Anyhow since this picture was taken I’ve made her upper lip a little less thin and have been endeavoring to make the lips look a little less pinched/pursed. I think I am on the right track, but I will see after I post this latest bit up for critique in a doll making forum I frequent. I plan on … Continue Reading →

Cookie’s Progress – 1st Stage Face Sculpt

This is the first stage of sculpting cookie’s face. Obviously there is a lot more work that needs to be done, but the clay is just getting way too sticky at this point so I decided to give it a rest for the night. I’m going to let her air dry and sand and add more clay to her tomorrow. Hopefully she will come out looking as cute as my drawing. I think I’m on the right track, but boy, sculpting is hard work. :p Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on fark Buzz it up … Continue Reading →

More of Cookie’s Progress

I’ve added more clay and have done more modeling to Cookie’s torso. I think her torso is really starting to come along and by working on the torso first I think it is helping me get a feel for the La-Doll clay. I also started sanding and shaping the legs a little bit. The left leg can totally stand on it’s own, which was a happy moment for me, but her other leg cannot since I realized that somehow the foot got cocked in an odd direction, so I’m going to have a big repair job there. Pretty soon I’d … Continue Reading →

Cookie’s Progress – Torso Shaping

I made some more progress on Cookie today. I’ve been sanding and carving into the base layer of clay, and I came up with a pretty good starting shape to add more clay to, to begin shaping out her bosom, behind and etc….. I had a sorta accident and ended up sanding into her foam core, but, because I plan on pretty much adding her bust anew with fresh clay, I am not too worried about it. After I carve out her foam core I can also add some extra clay on the inside to sure up any thin areas. … Continue Reading →