Who are we?


My mother and my aunt went to the thrift store this morning without me even though I wanted to go…such bad family! jk XD Anyhow my mother brought me home another random doll pack from there in which there were these two little pipsqueaks. These little girl’s are maybe 3.5-4 inches tall and have their original clothing. I looked on the backs of their heads and found an imprint stating that they were made by a U.D. Co. Inc. in 1977, in Hong Kong. I googled this information and the closest thing I can find are Uneeda’s Pee Wee dolls, which have the same body type, but the faces on these girls are very stylized and remind me of the popular stylized Asian doll faces from that era. The images I’ve seen of Uneeda’s Pee Wee dolls have more typical North American style doll faces.

I am going to keep searching to try to find out what kind of doll these little ones are. As it is their stylization and vintage feel about them appeals to me, so I cleaned them up a bit and have given them a spot on one of my shelves. In the same pack of dolls there was also a vintage looking tourist doll that looks like she is in German dress. She’s cute and has weighted sleeping eyes. She needs a little love though as some of the hair from her braids have come loose. I’ll fix her up and keep her too and if I get around to it I’ll be sure to snap a pic of her too.