Dollhouse Rehab, Missed Dolly and etc…

So my big news of the day is that the postman attempted to deliver my Brownie today, but sadly nobody was home and I was asleep at the time so my package was taken back to the post office. 🙁 Since my car’s battery is currently dead and charging, I begged my brother to take me to the post office in the late afternoon to see if I could pick it up yet, but sadly our mail carrier was still out on their route and so I couldn’t even pick up my little Brownie. It’s really very frustrating to know … Continue Reading →

Dollhouse Rehab – Day 3

I got all of my spackling and sanding done today, and currently as I type this, the first coat of paint is drying on the exterior of the house. I thought I would share a spackling tool tip though. It is something I kind of took for granted in having being as I am an artist, but the artist palette knives you can get at any art supply are really excellent spackling tools for those hard to reach spaces. You can see my palette knife on the right in the above pic, resting next to the red handled spackling knife. … Continue Reading →

Dollhouse Rehab, Day 2

The above pic is what one of the window cuts looked like before I reframed it. I think the before and after shots I will show you will convince you to properly frame out your custom windows and doors! Anyway as you can see, the cut is not straight, and there are a couple chips out of the wood on the side. And here is an exterior shot of the same window all nicely framed out. It is now a beautiful, clean square! Hehe….anyhow I spent today reframing all of the windows like this and then I started spackling and … Continue Reading →

Dollhouse Rehab Part 1

The first task in rehabbing the 1/12th scale dollhouse my grandfather built was to take out all of the old flooring and wallpapers. The wallpapers were mostly easy enough to deal with, except for a few rough patches. I basically just sprayed the walls down with water and then used a straight edge razor to scrape off the wet paper. Some of the paper I was able to pull off dry though. The flooring was another matter however. ^^; First of all, the downstairs floor has a layer of some sort of brown paper-like substance glued onto the wood. I … Continue Reading →

The Dollhouse that Grandpa Built

So in my last posting I mentioned that I wanted to get a tiny that would work well with a 1/12th scale dollhouse that I had, and here now is that very dollhouse. I ended up hauling it out of the attic late last night, and after a quick dusting I thought I would shoot some pics so I could solicit help/advice in choosing what size of tiny would work best in this house. I have a t-square and my Blythe in the pic to give an idea of scale. Here is a close-up of the kitchen area with the … Continue Reading →