Sleepy eyed tinies

I am such a fan of the sleepy/dreamy eyed tinies, and this new Rustle of Spring Modigli is no exception! Aside from mooning over MSDs, I’ve also been researching and considering getting a 20-30cm tiny that I could use with “The Big House”. XD The sleepy eyed Modigli has I think just the right amount of openess in her eyes if that makes sense. Her eyes are closed enough to have a sweetly dreamy look, but also open enough to let the eyes shine. Modigili’s lips also have nice volume and pout to boot. 😀 The only thing I find fault with in the iMda 3.0 is the body. The body starts out well enough at the top as it doesn’t have the chunkiness of most tinies of this size, and then the fact that she has some semblance of hips is nice, but she definitely has thunder thighs! I guess I shouldn’t be too critical since I have a Dollmore Kid, all of whom have thunder thighs, but in iMda 3.0 it starts looking like it’s a beginner Puns….well this is just my opinion. ^^; So with all this said I still find that my favorite 20-30cm tiny body is Pipos with it’s twig legs and the option for a large bust. However their new body which takes away the lower torso joint leaves a little bit to be desired. 🙁

Speaking of Pipos, their Dreaming Mari was really the first tiny I ever became interested in. This is mainly because of her incredibly cranky look and slightly more mature face. My only concern with Dreaming Mari is that her eyes almost seem too closed so I worry that it might be difficult to get good photos, and she probably shouldn’t have lashes. As I said before though I think the Pipos body is aesthetically superior, though I can still appreciate the Littlefee Body which also has twiggy legs. My only problem with Littlefees are that their faces are a little too babyish for my taste and you also see so gosh darn much of them. I swear there are probably enough Antes out there to start an army big enough to invade a small country. XD Anyhow I think I’m rambling at this point so I will go ahead and cut this posting here. I still have more MSDs I’d like to blabber on about, but that will be for another post. 😉