Sewing for YoSDs!

Ever since Borry arrived I’ve been excited to sew some YoSD sized clothing. I managed to get started a little bit today and I have my leggings pattern now fairly well worked out. For the waistband in the picture I used the lace frill edge elastics to add a little pizazz I guess…..and they wound up adding more than pizazz in the sewing department. Trying to stretch and sew a tiny waistband is no simple task, so there were some curse words uttered and a dodgy stitch here or there. XP The end result is fine for my Borry, but … Continue Reading →

Slinky Neko Borry Arrived!

So, my very first YOSD sized doll has finally arrived! I was so happy to open up the mailbox and find her box waiting for me. :3 She is the perfect fit for “The Big House”. XD In fact I think she works better with some of the furniture than my Pullip, Dal and Blythe do! Unfortunately because of the time of day I wasn’t able to get any really great shots of her in the dollhouse since the room it’s in faces West and gets better lighting in the later afternoon. Anyhow, getting back to business, I bought this … Continue Reading →

Momocolor’s Emma

When I was browsing the news posts at BJDcollectasy the other day I noticed the posting for the doll company Momocolor. The face shape of the doll reminded me a little of Pullip, being so big and round, so I decided to read more and holy cow, look at that adorable body for the doll!! She’s a little on the tall side for a yosd range doll at a height of 29cm, but she is really nicely proportioned for a yosd range mature tiny. I’m going to have to keep this one on my “to watch” list. I’m curious to … Continue Reading →