Sewing for YoSDs!

Ever since Borry arrived I’ve been excited to sew some YoSD sized clothing. I managed to get started a little bit today and I have my leggings pattern now fairly well worked out. For the waistband in the picture I used the lace frill edge elastics to add a little pizazz I guess…..and they wound up adding more than pizazz in the sewing department. Trying to stretch and sew a tiny waistband is no simple task, so there were some curse words uttered and a dodgy stitch here or there. XP The end result is fine for my Borry, but I fancied making some coordinates to sell, and they would not be acceptable for selling, mostly from the standpoint of how difficult it is to apply the tiny elastic. However my mother informs me that our machine might be able to do a stretch stitch, and if this is the case and the machine will do all the work, then heck why not because it looks nice. Either way I am planning to experiment with two different types of waistbands and then deciding from there which would be best to use.

I am really excited though with how these preliminary leggings came out, and on top of that I have all of these great matching fabrics I bought over the Memorial Day sales. Needless to say I am super excited to make some matching coordinates of jumpers and skirts to go with these leggings. Lots of plums and grays in this batch, but I can foresee some cute stuff!! Below are just a few of the fabrics I found this weekend. So exciting! Though I still have a ton of illustration work to do and relatives will be visiting soon, so le sigh, I’m not sure how often I will be able to sew this week. On top of this I also have some ideas for miniatures now too…I guess when it rains it pours!

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