Incoming Doll(s)!

A while back I ordered a blank Mio head through a Dollmore group order on DoA, and she has finally arrived in the states so hopefully I will have her before too long! I had been wanting a Mio for a long time, but I have also been reluctant to purchase any dolls above MSD size because I feel MSD size is perfect for me. However when I discovered Zaoll and her smaller stature, only coming in at around 54cm I thought maybe that middling size between MSD and SD would be ok. This being said, I took advantage of Dollmore’s summer sale and I now have a blank Zaoll on her way to me!

I feel a little guilty that I’m going to hybridize her and put Mio’s head on her body though, but I figure if I like this size well enough I could just watch the DoA marketplace for another Zaoll body and have two girls. 🙂 After this I intend to stick to MSD from here on out I think. My next dolly goal will be to acquire a Unoa boy, probably a B-El.

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