New Face-up for Luli

My Unoa Lusis had been in need of a new face-up due to the fact that somehow I had managed to accidentally chip off some of her blushing under her chin. I imagine it happened when she was being changed in and out of clothes. In the future I am going to have to be more careful, and I should probably remove her faceplate before fitting new clothes on her. Sadly her body blushing is much worse for chipping, so eventually I plan to just remove it all except for non-problem areas like the bust and tummy. I’d really like to have some blushing on her hands and feet though so I guess I’ll just have to be sure to topcoat it really really well.

Anyhow back to the face-up….I wanted to keep her similar to what she was previously, but I ended up lining her eyes a little more darkly, and I don’t think I got the blush vivid enough this time, but I still think she looks very pretty overall. Below is a shot of her faceplate before I glossed it and put it back on her head.


And here she is, all ready to go….


While I was doing her face-up I also thought I would try to do my Zaoll luv’s face-up as well, but I ended up screwing up the lashes, so in the end I decided to wipe Zaoll’s face. Actually I felt that working with the Zaoll Luv sculpt to be kind of difficult, and it made me realize just how much I enjoy working with the Unoa sculpt. I’m not giving up on my Zaoll Luv though, I will conquer her sculpt eventually! Though I need to get some more sealer. I think I may try to go see if my local Hobby Town USA carries MSC, if not I’ll probably pick up some more Testor’s Model Masters. I’m really curious to try MSC though since everyone raves about it.


Well here is a comparison shot of the two face-ups, the old one on the left and the new one on the right. I kinda miss her lazy looking eyes in the old one, lol….but I do like her new face too. 🙂

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