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I went and did a little thrift store shopping with my cousin when he was out here a couple weeks ago and I found this cute little vintage desk from the 70s! It works great in Edie’s room, and then I was able to move the armoire down into the nearly empty living room, yay. Besides the desk there was some other furniture that came packed together with it, which were a beige armoire and vanity set complete with seat, as well as a small table and chair. These toys were made for a type of doll that was produced back in the early 70s and turned out to be perfect Pullip and Dal sized items because they are a little more oversized than the Barbie furniture and thusly are a better fit due to the added height of the head size on Pullips and Dals.

Anyway I got the whole bag of toys for only $5.00 at my local DAV, so I am going to highly recommend thrift store shopping to search for doll clothes and furniture. The DAV and AmVets are better though than your run of the mill Goodwill because they have more toys and they are packed in plastic bags. Goodwill seems to only have a lot of larger toys. Also it is possible to find bags of dolls/doll clothes as well. I saw a pack of doll/doll clothes there that I was tempted to buy for $3.00, but the bag was heavy on the dolls and had less so much clothes. I think there is a certain amount of luck and timing to get a good find, but when you do it will totally make your day! It totally made my day to find that little desk, which subsequently I researched online and came to find that it is actually worth around $50-$60 these days! (O-O)!!

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  1. It really is an awesome find! I love the photo, btw, the pose and the whole setup is brilliant. We don’t have any thrift stores around here, the ones that can compare (Salvation Army and such) only have second-hand outfits and some kitchen stuff, nothing doll or toy related. Flea markets are scarce too. :/ My hopes are, to be able to start making some of the stuff I need/want for my dolls myself, pretty much like you’ve been doing with the dollhouse. There’s a carpenter coming in a couple of weeks from now to make shelves and a desk in the room I’m supposed to use as my hobby room. I originally planned to get them from IKEA, but it’s an attic room and quite difficult to decorate – better to have the shelves custom fitted! I can’t wait, I’ve been planning and talking about this for nearly a year now.

  2. Thanks, I just wish I had a better camera, then I think the pic could have been clearer and less grainy. XP Anyhow my cousin informs me that the Salvation Army stores in his area package doll clothes and furniture in bags like the DAV, but the ones nearby my house don’t do that, so maybe there is a chance that different Salvation Armies might have a different mix/method of displaying?

    I think your attic is sounding lovely! I like the idea of custom fit shelving. 😀 Anyway there is definitely a lot of satisfaction in making your own furniture and such though. It gives you something totally unique! I’ve still been meaning to post pics of the double bed I made, I’m going to have to do that soon. ^^; That reminds me, I came across a Blythe/Miniaturist site the other day. Right now she has an adorable diorama set available on ebay. I mean the attention to detail is incredible! It makes me want to make a diorama too!

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