Cookie’s Progress – Face Refining

I’ve made a little more progress on Cookie’s face sculpt. She’s really coming along now, but I still have some tweaking to do. I need to work on symmetry a little more and tweak her nose a bit and then sand and smooth her. I’m pretty happy with how things are going, but I also know that sculpting is the easy part. Creating all of the joints, now that is going to be the hard part!

Tomorrow I am hoping to get some more work done on her head. At this point I’d love to make the headcap cut and hollow out the eye wells and see what she would look like with eyes in, but I will wait until I get everything just so.

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  1. hey, um what materials did you use? I’m trying to get into this school but I need to show a sculpture so I thought i’d try something like this 😀
    domo arrigoto <3

  2. I used a combination of La Doll and Premier clays. They make a new type of clay already mixed though called La Doll Premix, though it’s more expensive to buy it that way. If you’re interested in making your own doll, then you might find The Joint’s forums helpful:

  3. Hi there
    I am not into dolls but doing a google search I ended up on this blog of your.
    I’m impressed to see you make these dolls by hands. They have a very charming looking faces. I personally don’t like the bodies, because of the weird proportion of the breast and chest. I did some clay modeling in the past but this is very nice and clean. good work! What’s going on with the my little pony? I am not sure I understand.

  4. I think the great thing about BJDs is that you can usually find something to suit your tastes…in that there are so many different artists out there making dolls that there is really a surprising number of different body types out there. I think I know what you mean though, my Unoa has a large bust, which is really disproportionate to her overall body type, but I like it none the less. I do have a small bust chest piece for her though that matches her frame better.

    As for the pony. I took out her old mane and tail and redid them because she didn’t look like the character design from the cartoon. Right now I bought the waterproof glue I need to keep the new hair in, but I’ve been distracted by other projects, so she’s still sitting there waiting for me to finish her. ^^;;

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