Tiny BJD – AE Chocolate

I hadn’t been BJD browsing in a while, so I decided to go check out Mint on Card, which is where I got my Asleep Eidolon BJD, and I was surprised to see how many new BJD AE has been coming out with! I already knew they had started a tinies line with Cookie and Soda, but it seems now that they have really filled out their models! While I was there I totally fell in love with the little girl in the pic. She’s called Chocolate, and I just love those bit round eyes and tiny diminished nose. For a while now, acquiring a tiny has been on my dolly “to buy” list, but buying a tiny would always get put off for other things. After seeing Chocolate though, I think I am quite determined to get a tiny this year. I also have a 1/12th scale dollhouse she could fit into, though it needs refurbishing.

One reason why I’ve come to find tinies so appealing is the fact that it seems many of them work well with Re-ment and 1/12th scale dollhouses. My main concern for buying my first tiny is going to be what scale will work best for the dollhouse I currently have. The dollhouse I have may not be 100% 1/12th scale, as it is a handmade dollhouse my grandfather made for me when I was a little girl. However most of the furniture is 1/12th scale, and I took a few measurements, and it seems like I might be teetering close to the house being too small for a 15/16cm doll. As it stands now, Chocolate’s head would brush the archways, and the handmade bed would be a tight fit. I’m just not sure. ^^; I’m wondering if I should be looking at Lati whites or Pukipukis instead? Sigh…..I think I’m going to have to seek out help with this one, but I’ll need to get some dollhouse pics up first I think.

Other concerns over which size of tiny to get would also be the ease of finding wigs and clothing for them. I realize that some of the really small tiny bjd can even wear Kelly clothes, and that would be quite nice! On the other hand, the smaller the wig, and by my eye, tinier wigs= less detailed wigs that often look crappy or odd. Anyway if anyone has any advice to give me I would surely love to hear it!

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