SD sized dolls and dioramas….

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the big dolls since I fell in love with Mudoll’s Ash thief fullset. One of the hang-ups with the larger dolls are that I feel it’s awfully difficult to make a diorama for them, and you can only have a SD13 sized house if you yourself have a large enough house to accommodate since were probably talking about something being the size of a child’s playhouse. If you wanted to make a diorama for them it would need to be easily disassembled or foldable for storage purposes. I would think there would also be issues with scale in regards to craft wood…not to mention, creating something that large out of wood would be expensive and heavy.

Since I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion now that I no longer want to entirely abandon the larger sized doll, I’ve been thinking about how a diorama for photo-op purposes could be made on the cheap. Right now I’m considering cardboard for a trial run, since I recently bought a new flatscreen TV and therefore I have a bevy of extra thick cardboard that I think has the potential to be finished into a reasonable looking wall. I also imagine if I want to stick with paper products that mattboard and foam core board could possibly be use for trim, but with foam core you would need to have a way to give a smooth finish to the foam edge of the board. Also concerning trims, I imagine if you wanted to paper anything you would need to find an interesting heavyweight wrapping paper.

Anyway I’ve seen some people do some great things with just a little cardboard, paint and handiwork, so maybe it is possible. Either way I don’t plan on doing anything about it right this minute, but I will need to cut down my box so I can store the cardboard otherwise someone in the house might mistakenly throw it away!

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